9 Best Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators For Sale

The term ‘anabolic steroids’ is pretty well-known within bodybuilding circles. Even people outside the industry have basic familiarity with the term. But if you dig deeper and learn more about bodybuilding supplements, you will come across another term, SARM.

Anabolic steroids are known for the massive muscle gains they offer. However, they are also notorious for the side effects they cause. SARM is basically a watered-down or safer version of a steroid – which offers much of the benefits steroids have to offer but isn’t fraught with harmful and mostly irreversible side effects.

In this SARM supplement review, we’ll get to know what a SARM is, how it works, SARM stacks, the best SARMs you could buy, how to choose the right SARM pills for your needs, etc. After you’re done reading this guide, you should have more than basic information about SARMs.

Most SARMs reviews on the Internet try to focus on selling you SARMs pills. Unlike other SARM reviews, the focus of this guide is to equip with knowledge so that you know what SARM supplements are and what the best SARMs on the market are.

What are SARMs Steroids? (What is SARMs?)


A SARM (selective androgen receptive modulator) is a non-steroidal compound that helps you gain muscles and boost your training performance. It does so by working on the androgen receptors in your body. Unlike anabolic steroids, a SARM’s effect isn’t on your entire body, which explains why it’s devoid of all the side effects steroids are known to cause. Also, SARMs do not flood your system with artificial constituents and chemicals that anabolics are usually guilty of.

A SARM focuses only on your muscles and fat regions in your body. Moreover, the results are controlled – which means you are extremely unlikely to get the crazy muscles that steroids help build. But SARMs mellow things down intentionally so that they don’t cause havoc in the process. In short, SARMs would offer you significant muscle gains but also ensure you stay healthy throughout the process.

SARM Benefits

The major benefits of SARMs are:

• Increased lean muscle growth
• Greater strength
• Improved athletic performance
• Fat loss

The biggest and the most touted benefit of a SARM is that it offers anabolic steroids-like results minus the negatives of steroids. SARMs are non-toxic, which means SARMs supplements would not significantly impact your body’s testosterone levels. However, based on the SARM you end up using, your dosage cycle and amounts, you may have to top your SARM cycles off with a post-cycle therapy (PCT).

SARM Side Effects

While SARMs are designed to target only your muscles and fat, there are instances when the androgens unrelated to muscle creation and development get affected too. However, there isn’t much talk on the subject since SARMs are still in the major phase of their testing.

And all the SARMs supplement research done has been primarily on animals – mice to be specific. There have been tests carried out on the elderly with muscle wasting diseases, but those tests have not been truly conclusive or comprehensive. Healthy individuals haven’t been put on SARMs within a controlled environment and monitored yet.

Based on anecdotal evidence and also inferences made from mice studies, one could safely assume that SARMs could cause testosterone levels to go down significantly – up to 50 percent in some cases. This side effect is the major reason why PCT supplements are so highly recommended after a SARM cycle because they help address the testosterone woes.

What is a SARM Stack? Should You Be Stacking SARMs?

SARMs, on their own, can do a thing or two pretty efficiently. However, when you stack them up, you double or even triple the effects. When you use a particular SARM to cut fat, you may not necessarily get any muscle recovery or healing benefit. Similarly, a SARM that’s known to help with recovery would struggle to bulk you up. That is why SARM stacks exist.

By stacking two or more SARMs, you are essentially bringing together a host of ingredients or the goodness of different SARMs. However, make sure you do not go overboard or stack the wrong SARMs since that could cause some major side effects. Also, SARM stacking is not meant to be done 365 days a year. In fact, you should do them in extreme moderation.

Best SARMs on the Market

The following are some of the best SARMs you could buy. These not just work great on their own but also stack pretty well with other SARMs. The actual results you may derive from them could vary. Therefore, it’s important you look for a SARM that’s right for your requirements.

MK-2866 (Ostarine)

MK-2866 (Ostarine), also called Enobosarm or Ostamuscle, is a SARM that helps you put on muscle mass and preserve existing muscle. It also helps with reducing body fat and preventing muscular dystrophy. And it does all of this without inhibiting or disturbing your natural androgen activity. When administered in smaller doses or under the supervision of a doctor, MK-2866 could also be used to treat osteoporosis and muscle wastage in both men and women.

Made by a pharmaceutical firm called GTx, Ostarine is a widely used and also among the safest SARMs available for purchase. SARMs are not devoid of side effects. However, MK-2866 is pretty mild, which makes it extremely safe to use whether you use it for cutting or bulking. People also use MK-2866 for recomping, which is gaining muscle and losing fat at the same time. In fact, Ostarine is extremely effective at body recomposition.

As far as dosage goes, anywhere between 10 to 30mg should be fine. Kindly note these dosage recommendations are based on anecdotal evidence, since there isn’t much testing done on humans yet. For the best results, most people do 20mg a day – splitting it into two 10mg doses. The dosage numbers also vary with bodybuilding objectives. Typically, 10 to 20mg should be fine if the goal is cutting. For bulking, a 30mg dosage is usually the norm.

RAD-140 (Testolone)

RAD-140, compared to other SARMs on this list, is lesser-known since its entry into the scene happened later. Needless to say, the research work on the compound is still very much in progress. However, the preliminary results are pretty encouraging, and which explains why the drug has been gaining major traction within bodybuilding circles. Besides helping prevent muscle wastage, RAD-140 is also being touted for its purported anti-breast cancer effects.

Testolone is known for its ability to help build muscles at a much rapid pace. Though the speed at which you’ll build muscles cannot be compared to anabolic steroids, it’s much better compared to other SARMs. It is also quite popular for its pro-bulking attributes and the positive influence it has on your endurance levels. If you are looking for a SARM that helps prolong your training routine, RAD-140 is a solid option.

Thanks to its vigorous nature, you may have to follow it up with a post-cycle therapy (PCT). This also means you are not supposed to do RAD-140 for more than six weeks – four weeks is ideal. Also, since it’s a fairly strong SARM, lower 10mg doses would be just fine.

GW-501516 (Cardarine)

Cardarine, or GW-501516, first came to light as a potential cancer treatment in independent trials carried out during the 1990s. It is now currently being used by bodybuilders and athletes for muscle growth and also for increased endurance and cardiovascular strength. The drug works by triggering the transcription of multiple genes in various areas in your body. In simple words, the drug can bring about a noticeable difference in your training sessions.

One anabolic steroid side effect that usually doesn’t get as much coverage as its other side effects is the negative impact it has on one’s cardiovascular strength. Steroids usually focus more on muscle size and strength but not on stamina. This is why most track and field athletes steer clear of steroids. Cardarine, however, helps you increase lean muscle mass but also makes sure your cardiovascular energy doesn’t take a hit in the process.

Cardarine is extremely effective at burning fat as it enables your body to use your fat deposits for energy. This automatically boosts lipolysis. And when you pair this functionality with some intense cardio activity, you end up burning fat at even greater speeds. Cardarine also helps build lean muscle at a faster pace and balance lipids or reduce your LDL levels while increasing HDL so that your cholesterol is in check.

LGD-4033 (Lingadrol)

Lingadrol, also called VK5211 or Anabolicum, is currently under research for its potential to treat different forms of cancer, such as prostate and breast cancer. The drug also comes in handy with gaining lean muscle mass, particularly if you have muscle dystrophy issues, osteoporosis, or any degenerative muscle disorder. LGD-4033 doesn’t aromatize, which means it wouldn’t cause any changes in your estrogen hormones, unlike steroids.

Like a typical SARM, LGD-4033 functions selectively or on specific androgenic receptors. This means your vital organs would remain isolated from Lingadrol’s functioning, making it a pretty safe SARM. Steroids usually like to fiddle with your kidneys and liver. Ligandrol’s functioning is pretty similar to Ostarine – the only difference is that it’s much stronger.

The Anabolicum name got attached to LGD-4033 because of its anabolic nature, which comes in quite handy when you’re trying to burn fat or need a SARM for cutting. And since LGD-4033 is pretty potent, it must be followed up with a PCT. Administering lower doses of Lingadrol may not warrant a PCT, but it’s always safe to pair it with a post-cycle therapy.


S-23 is known for its increased anabolic activity, making it arguably the strongest SARM out there. As per research, it could be used as a contraceptive pill as well. Not to mention, S23 is cut out for bulking. It can significantly improve muscle strength and mass, with a six to eight-week cycle, helping you put up to 15 pounds in muscle alone. S23 is not recommended for beginners, but amateurs who want to give it a try can start at minimal doses.

The dosage should never be more than 10mg, even if you are a seasoned bodybuilder. Breaching 10mg territory or going past the threshold could lead to some major side effects. Start with 5mg so that you learn how your body responds to the compound. After a week of 5mg dosages, increase the dose to 10mg for the remainder of the cycle. Speaking of which, the cycle shouldn’t last more than eight weeks.


YK-11 is a potent myostatin inhibitor that can significantly change the way your body looks. It increases follistatin activity, an autocrine glycoprotein that helps build muscle. The synthetic steroidal SARM offers impressive bulking benefits. It, in fact, was devised primarily for bulking. You would see huge gains in your overall size.

Since YK-11 is extremely potent, it’s not recommended for amateur bodybuilders. You are safe to use YK-11 only if you have considerable experience using bodybuilding supplements. The compound’s half-life is eight hours. Therefore, you must administer it two times a day in increments of 2.5mg, adding up to 5mg. The dosage cycle should be ideally six to eight weeks to keep side effects at bay. Not to mention, following it up with a PCT is imperative.

MK-677 (Ibutamoren)

MK-677 is not technically a SARM, but it certainly functions like one – which is why it’s here on this list. Why is it not a SARM? Besides the chemical attributes that do not make Ibutamoren a SARM, it’s also the only muscle growth drug that induces sleep. Also, it doesn’t cause a dip or spike in your testosterone levels. And since there are no hormonal imbalance effects, you need not do a PCT after an MK-677 cycle.

Also called Nutrobal or Nutrocubalisis, MK-677 is a powerful ghrelin receptor antagonist. In other words, it emulates the functioning of the ghrelin hormone, thereby activating the ghrelin receptor. This results in your hypothalamus and pituitary gland activating, which means the release of somatropin or human growth hormone and also insulin-like growth factor.

Besides muscle growth and increased strength, MK 677 also gives you healthier hair, clear skin, and the ability to quickly recover from muscle loss and injuries. MK-677 is being researched for its ability to treat bone degenerative disorders and growth hormone deficiency.

SR-9009 (Stenabolic)

SR-9009, or Stenabolic, is a non-steroidal compound that enhances training performance. It’s extremely effective at boosting stamina, inducing fat loss, and increasing endurance levels. A Rev-ErbA agonist, Stenabolic, can also be used to preserve muscle mass. The increase in cardiovascular performance is pretty significant and can be noticed in a matter of days. And when stacked with Cardarine, the endurance benefits reach the next level.

Thanks to the increased metabolism and endurance, you would start to lose fat much easily and quickly. The heightened workout intensity helps burn a lot more calories within a short timeframe. And when there is a calorie deficit, SR-9009 makes sure lean muscle mass is preserved.

The recommended Stenabolic dosage is 10 to 30mg a day. There are some who may do a higher dose, but that’s not needed. Increasing the dose amount may actually heighten your chances of being hurt by the SARM’s possible side effects. Even bodybuilders begin at 10mg per day and pick it up from there once they learn how their body has been reacting to the compound.

S4 (Andarine)

Andarine, or S4, is a solid SARM for building lean muscle mass and strength. According to a few studies, S4 can help with treating prostate cancer. If you are looking to bulk up, Andarine is a solid SARM. You can, in fact, expect muscle gains in the territory of 10 to 20 pounds after eight weeks. Amateur bodybuilders can also use S4, but the dosage shouldn’t be more than 15mg a day. For professional athletes and seasoned bodybuilders, a 20 to 25mg dose should work great.

Start with 10mg and see how your body reacts to the drug. If there are no adverse reactions, you could increase the dose to up to 25mg per day. The cycle shouldn’t last for more than ten weeks, however. And once you’re done with the cycle, do not forget to balance things out with PCT supplements.

If you’re considering stacking Andarine, opt for Ostarine as the companion SARM, provided the objective is to increase lean muscle mass. If the goal is bulking, Ligandrol is the SARM to stack S4 with. For recomping, stack S4 with MK-677.

Best SARM Stacks


For bulking, use MK-677 and LGD-4033 – 10mg of each SARM, for a period of six weeks. Follow it up with a PCT cycle. Check how you fare during your first six-week cycle. If things go well or you do not experience major side effects, you may push the cycle duration up to eight or even ten weeks.


To cut fat and increase lean mass, stack MK-677 with GW-501516 for six weeks. The dosage would vary during the cycle. For the initial two weeks, administer 10mg of both the SARMs. For the remaining four weeks, do 20mg of each. Do not forget your PCT supplements to help your testosterone levels become normal again.


To gain strength, you may opt for the YK-11 and LGD-4033 combination. Use anywhere between 10 to 15mg of each SARM during the cycle. This strength cycle should ideally last six weeks. If you would like to extend the time period, make sure you max it out at eight weeks. Like with pretty much all SARM cycles, follow this cycle with a PCT.


Recomping is basically creating the right balance between fat-cutting and muscle-building. For this stack, you would need three different SARMs – 20mg each of GW-501516, LGD-4033, and MK-2866. Administer the three SARMs for an eight-week period and follow the cycle with an eight-week break. Use a PCT supplement during the break phase.


Recovery and healing are two critical aspects of building muscle and strength. If you’re not healing well or quickly enough, you would not be able to gain much from your training sessions and also find it difficult to do them for longer time periods. The SARMs ideal for healing are MK-2866, MK-677, and SR-9009. You’ll need 20mg of MK-2866, and 10mg each of the other two SARMs. Do the three for a period of eight weeks and follow the cycle with an eight-week break, throwing in a PCT supplement during the break.

Triple Stack

Tripling your results means cutting fat, increasing lean muscle mass, and building overall strength and energy at the same time. For this, you would need three different SARMs: MK-2866, S4, and GW-501516. Administer 20mg of each every day for eight weeks straight and then follow things up with an eight-week break. A PCT supplement becomes a must during this break, thanks to the overload the three SARMs create during the cycle.

Stacks for Women

The aforementioned SARM stacks have been designed to keep men’s requirements in mind. For women, a different stack combination is usually prescribed. You would need 10mg of S4 and MK-2866 and 5mg of LGD-4033. This stack would help you cut fat, build up bone, and define muscle – and you will have zero low-testosterone effects to complain of. This dosage cycle should last ten weeks, and the break period must be six weeks.

The aforementioned stacks or SARM combinations are not etched in stone or rigid. They may quite possibly not work for some people. In cases wherein there isn’t much yield, it’s absolutely fine to change the SARM combinations or experiment with the dosages and cycle lengths. However, attempt a shuffle only if you know what you’re doing. If you are new to SARMs or have only basic information about them, it’s recommended you stick to the aforementioned stacks or get an expert to help you work out the permutations and combinations.

Kindly note, these stacks will work only if you exercise hard and eat well too.

Forms of Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators

SARMs come in different forms.

• Capsule

SARMs in the capsule form are pretty common and also easy to administer since you can easily manage the dose – both in terms of the number of pills and the actual mg power. Unlike powders and liquids, SARM capsules are pre-measured so that you need not do much work. For convenience, however, you have to pay a price premium.

• Liquid

Liquid SARMs, like capsules, are easy to measure and administer. Though not as straightforward as capsules, the dosage levels could be controlled a bit more efficiently when compared to powder. Also, liquefied SARMs are a tad expensive than SARMs that are sold in the powder form.

• Powder

Powder SARMs are the most inexpensive of the three, but they are also extremely tricky to administer in the right amounts. Each dose may have to be measured down to the tiniest amount so that you’re not overdosing or administering lesser than what’s required. A microscale would be needed when working with powders.

Administering SARMs For Sale – The Right Way and Time

The amount and time of the day you should administer SARM depends on the actual SARM and your expectations from the compound. Based on your current health and physical state, you may have to choose between multiple doses or a single dosage a day. Most people usually start with one-time doses. If you don’t have a clue, the dosage instructions on the SARM will give you some idea.

The thing that fuels this complexity is that there have been no comprehensive SARM tests carried out on humans yet. Therefore, the dose that might suit someone may not necessarily work for you. You will have to resort to some trial and error before being able to ascertain the dosage that’s right for you.

The key lies in learning about the SARM’s concentration and creating a dose that would provide you desired results without overloading your body. Look up bodybuilding forums online and find out if others have used the particular SARM and the results they’ve got. Interacting with people who have used the SARM before can be a great way to gain more insightful information about the drug.


What is the best place to buy SARMs? Most importantly, are SARMs legal? Before we move on to discussing where to buy SARMs for bodybuilding (where to buy SARMs bodybuilding), let’s talk about the legal aspect of buying SARMs. SARMs are not FDA-approved yet, which means they’ve not been approved for human consumption yet. However, you may buy it for testing purposes. How do you end up testing it, however, is up to you. You may test it on yourself to put SARMs before and after pictures on your blog or YouTube channel. When doing so, make sure you are in compliance with the law.

There are different online stores that sell pure and a solid variety of SARMs. If you buy selective androgen receptor modulators from reputed sellers, you are very likely to get the best selective androgen receptor modulator. You can also get the best SARM for sale for the right price since established sellers come up with selective androgen receptor modular for sale discounts every now and again. The following are places that have SARMs for sale.


Based in Europe, SARMS4You sells the best selective androgen receptor modulators in easy-to-consume capsules. You would find pretty much all types of SARMs at the store. The products come with authenticity and purity guarantee, and the prices are pretty reasonable too. The store is the perfect SARM shop for people who are on the lookout for selective androgen receptor modulator for sale outside the United States.

• Science. Bio

Science.Bio is another great place to buy SARMs online. The company carries out independent lab tests on its products before putting its selective androgen receptor modulators for sale. This pretty much guarantees product quality and purity. You would be able to find some of the lesser-known SARMs here, besides the more popular SARMs. The site entertains both retail and bulk purchases and is known for its competitive pricing.

• Proven Peptides

Proven Peptides is yet another place to buy selective androgen receptor modulator supplements for reasonable prices. If you buy products worth $100 or more, you will get free shipping on your purchase. The website is well laid out and easy-to-navigate, which helps locate the SARMs you need.

Swiss Chems, Umbrella Labs, and Secret Supps are other places where you could buy pure, high-quality SARMs.


Though the jury on SARMs is still out, you cannot ignore or deny the fact that the compound is gaining popularity both within and outside bodybuilding circles. Major credit for this popularity goes to the early adopters who reported the benefits of using SARMs when not much was known about them. If you are steering clear of anabolic steroids due to their side effects, a SARM is a solid and safer alternative. You may not be able to achieve results that are on par with steroids, but the effects would still be significant – and most importantly, there would be little to no side effects.