The Pros And Cons Of Somatropin

SomatropinYou have probably heard the acronym HGH batted around on the news lately. Its use has greatly increased in the medical world in recent years. To be clear, HGH stands for Human Growth Hormone, a naturally occurring hormone that every person has in their body. The pituitary gland is where it is generated. You can probably guess that it helps with puberty and growth, also assisting different parts at healing. By the time most people hit their 30s, they no longer produce HGH, at least not enough to make it useful.

The existence of synthetic versions of HGH has grown in recent years, even being used by some doctors to treat knee injuries. Kobe Bryant famously traveled to Germany on offseason and took injections of HGH to treat a knee injury. When it comes to well-known forms of synthetic HGH, one name to know is Somatropin.


Some people may refer to the substance as a Somatropin steroid. This is incorrect as Somatropin isn’t an anabolic steroid at all, simply a synthetic HGH. It was first developed in the 1950s under a different name in a slightly different version, today it exists as Somatropin and is widely used. A simple synthetic HGH, it sends signals from the pituitary gland to muscles, fat tissue, and ligaments to heal and grown, even promoting fat loss in some people by helping them resist insulin.

Positive Effects of Somatropin

Unlike more traditional anabolic steroids, the positive effects that come with Somatropin are more varied. A wide swathe of them affect all ranges of the human body. It is commonly used by doctors to treat children who’re bodies are having trouble growing, they might be behind their peers when it comes to development. It is also prescribed to adults as a treatment in many other instances due to its wide-ranging benefits.

– Healing Bones – It is proven that bone fractures heal quickly when HGH is used as a therapeutic treatment, largely in part to HGH’s ability to speed up the development of bone. Not only does it create bone, but it also acts to repair the area where the broken as well. So, it works in two ways to expedite the bone healing process.

– Helps Lose Weight – It is used in treatments by some that are attempting to shed weight, mostly by improving the breaking down of lipids (fat cells) in the human body. An array of studies has been done on overweight individuals that have proven Somatropin helps break down lipids nad regulates their response to insulin simultaneously.

– Heart Disease Risk – Heart disease is one of the top killers of people today. This goes hand in hand with its ability to aid in weight loss. The overall risk is lowered in other ways also. This is one of the best rewards that Somatropin has.

– Sexual Performance – This medicine is increasingly being prescribed by doctors to males who are having erectile dysfunction problems, through its ability to stimulate smooth muscle in the male body. It is one of the most natural ways to do this on the market. HGH is a safe way to treat ED because it is natural.

– Improved Mood – For one, you are going to feel better when you have less fat and more muscle. Though, Somatropin is proven to increase mood levels in varying ways. The hormone is known to improve cognitive function in both children and adults.

– Sleep – Want to sleep better? Try HGH. It helps your body sleep better because the hormone is almost always released just after a person falls asleep in their sleep cycle. By taking Somatropin, you are signaling to your body that it should be asleep. Lack of sleep is bad overall for you in many different ways. You can combat that with this drug.

Side Effects

There is a myriad of benefits associated with Somatropin. Of course, like any other medication, there are going to be some side effects. They are mild but can be more severe in people that are susceptible to them more often.

Skeletal Changes – There are some changes to the body that occur in people who take HGH for an extended period. Some Somatropin patients have experienced elongated fingers and toes as a result of ingestions of the substance. It can alter your body in other ways as well in your skull by enlarging the jaw bone.

Headaches and Nausea – These symptoms are also experienced by people who take Somatropin, only sometimes, though. It can easily be combated by other medications. Doctors will only prescribe Somatropin to patients who will benefit more greatly from the positive effects than the negative side effects.

Tiredness – One of the main benefits of Somatropin is the ability to induce sleep and keep people asleep. Of course, with this can come the side effect of drowsiness or tiredness during the day when it is unwanted.

But Somatropin

Luckily, this medication is one of the most widely available human growth hormones in the world.  It is available in injectable form, also in Somatropin tablets and Somatropin pills. It usually requires a prescription, especially in higher doses. There is a high presence of it on the black market, be aware if you purchase it in this manner. There are many copies of it that aren’t the real thing. Only purchase from reputable dealers.

Buy Somatropin Online

It can be purchased through various websites as well. Users should be even more careful when purchasing in this manner because they don’t know who they are buying from. There are tons of counterfeit versions of the product being sold online, including people who will simply take your money and never send you anything. You should be even more careful when attempting to buy Somatropin for sale online.

Somatropin is one of the most common human growth hormones in the world, used widely for its many benefits to the human body. It also has mild side effects. Bodybuilder and athletes use it in their cycles to help heal and build their body. It’s also used by doctors to treat an array of different medical conditions.