Is It Safe To Use Trenbolone For Sale?

TrenboloneAs an athlete, you are committed to working out. You eat well, diet well, and work out everyday to reach your optimum body weight and body shape. But this is done by everyone. Everyone is working out, eating well, and dieting to get into shape. You need something that will give you an edge over everyone else. Of course, steroids like Trenbolone (TA) do just that. They help you bulk up, gain muscle mass, tone your body, and lose water weight. But steroids are not without their problems. They do have side-effects and problems do happen.

As an athlete, you do have to weigh the pros and cons of using Trenbolone Acetate to tone your body. This means doing as much research as possible about the effects and side-effects of Trenbolone steroid on your body and learning how to balance these pros and cons to getting the best effects. To help you do just that, we’ve created this guide that should prove helpful.

What are Trenbolone steroids and how do they work?


Trenbolone was originally designed for veterinarian use. The tablets or pills were designed to trim fat from animals and ensure lean meat formation. However, this effect was beneficial for athletes and very soon it was targeted for human use as well.

Chemically, Tren is a 19-nortestosterone steroid that is extremely effective on the human body. The molecule has a missing carbon atom in the 19th position which makes it different chemically from the testosterone hormone. However, it is chemically similar to Deca-Durabolin and has effects similar to DD. This combination of missing carbon atom and DD-similar action is also responsible for the accelerated action seen with Tren. The hormone seems to bind better to androgen receptors present in the body, and it remains attached for a longer time. This increases the half-life of the hormone and ensures a longer action on the human body.

Apart from the missing carbon atom, Tren also has an extra acetic acid ester attached to the main atom. This extra ester seems to prolong the action of Tren even more. According to studies, tren has a half-life of almost two days in the human body which means that tren works faster and lasts longer in the human body. As a result, the athlete who tailor-makes his workout and diet to Tren use will see increased muscle gain, better fat loss and a lean trim body with one to two doses of Tren.

Apart from muscle action, Tren also seems to have powerful effects on energy production and muscle building. Tren increases the retention of nitrogen inside the body. As nitrogen is one of the building blocks of the muscle tissue, more nitrogen means faster and thicker muscle cell formation. This action is continued when the athlete works out as well. For example, injuries are common during workouts. But due to the accelerated anabolism and catabolism in muscle cells, old tears are repaired faster, and new cells are replaced almost immediately. Injuries resolve faster, and cells produce more energy resulting in longer but less fatiguing workouts.

But Tren also has additional beneficial effects which seem to work synergistically to strengthen the body, provide energy, and accelerate healing. Tren also seems to increase the production of IGF-1 or Insulin-Like Growth Factor – 1 which accelerates healing and boosts metabolism. Another indirection is that it also boosts red blood cell formation which increases oxygen supply to the muscle cells. This increased oxygen supply works together with IGF-1 to repair and heal muscle cells as soon as they are injured.

TA also seems to inhibit glucocorticoid hormones. These hormones are naturally secreted in the human body, but they work to remove muscle cells and increase fat cells. TA prevents this group of hormones from working, and the athlete immediately sees a gain in muscle mass. Fat cells are burned resulting in a leaner, taut appearance that is very favorable for competition season. TA also seems to accelerate the fat burning mechanism resulting in an accelerated lipolysis of fat deposits. Not only is this great during diets but it is excellent during off-season workouts where individuals try to regulate their fat levels to moderate levels.

As you can see, most of these TA effects are pretty good, and they work together to ensure muscle mass formation, fat loss, and lean muscle toning. But TA is not without its side-effects as well.

Side-effects saw with Tren Acetate

1.Other steroids are estrogenic, but TA does not have major estrogenic effects. But users have reported gynecomastia due to the strong progestin influence of this hormone. In case you have the predisposition to fat deposits in the chest area, you can and should start with anti-estrogens. Please note: combining TA with aromatizing steroids will result in gynecomastia, and post-cycle therapy becomes mandatory.
2.TA is very androgenic in nature and side-effects will be present related to this. For example, users have reported hair loss, acne formation, body hair formation, and voice changes. However, most of these effects are dependent on your genetic make-up. If you are predisposed to acne and male pattern hair loss, you are more likely to experience these side-effects.
3.TA seems to suppress good cholesterol and elevate bad cholesterol levels. This effect is not very strong, but it can still affect your health considerably. We recommend you use the required medications but add lifestyle changes as well. Restrict your intake of fatty foods, increase your intake of omega fatty acids and reduce the sugars and carbs in your diet. Add extra cardiovascular workouts as well to protect your heart from this cholesterol-accumulating effect.
4.TA also seems to elevate blood pressure levels. Although there is not much research on this, we do recommend you keep an eye on your blood cholesterol and blood pressure levels while you are on the hormone.
5.TA is relatively safe to body organs but does not let that fool you. Consuming to much of anything is dangerous, and this is the same with TA as well. Extra high doses of TA will result in problems, but extreme hepatotoxicity and kidney damage are rare.
6.Apart from these conventional effects, TA also seems to have reaction effects like anxiety, night sweats, insomnia, hand shakes, headaches, nausea, and palpitations. Most of these effects are manageable, though.

Dosing Cycles

As you can see, TA seems to be relatively safe as compared to other steroids on the market. Veterans recommend sticking to a low-dose cycle to mitigate side-effects and they are right. However, there is no exact guidance on Trenbolone tablets dosing as it was not intended for human use. As a result, we’ve collected information available online about different dosing cycles for Tren steroids. We recommend you start with a low dose and then move upward as per requirements.

1. Professionals start with 75mg per day. This is increased gradually until the dose reaches a maximum of 150mg per day.
2.Some people prefer a lower dose of 50mg every other day. This is good enough for novices who are doing a Tren steroid for the first time.
3.A lower dose of 35mg per day has also been tried in novices who want a taut physique but not for competition needs.
4.Some men do seem to tolerate about 100mg every day or 200mg every other day, but this cycle seems to have the highest side effects.

The exact cycle you follow will also depend on the type of hormone you are using. For example, injectable steroids usually start with doses ranging from 35-100mg per day or every other day. It is possible to use a three-day schedule with injectable steroids. No matter what dose you start with, it is recommended that you do not increase your cycle from eight to 12 weeks. Stacking is also fine with Trenbolone pills but does make sure that you follow dosing and supportive therapy to protect your body. This dosing cycle is not applicable if you are using a precursor hormone in the form of Tren pills or Tren tablets. In that case, you will have to follow the dosing instructions given by the manufacturer.

Post-cycle therapy

The exact post-cycle therapy or supportive therapy with TA tends to vary. PCT is designed to reduce the side-effects of TA use, and it usually works pretty well. The consensus on the internet is not clear, but most users recommend using HCG at about 500IU for two times a day with TA. After TA use is over, you have to up the HCG dose to about 1000IU units EOD. You also have to add Clomid on the last day of Tren use and use Testosterone Propionate along with the TA cycle.

How to buy Trenbolone online?

It is very easy to buy Trenbolone online. But you will have to be careful. The US has strict regulations in place about buying TA for personal use. It has not been released for human use and ordering it from a US online pharmacy is downright impossible. However, there are several international manufacturers that offer Trenbolone for sale. If you want to buy Tren, all you have to do is Google the words, “Tren for sale” or “buy Tren online, ” and you will get about a billion results. Most of these websites are located in China, India, or Europe. The brand names will be different, but the product is the same.

Please note though that these are usually divided into injectable hormone and tablet/pills combinations. Both of these versions work well, but the injections are far more potent than the pills. Apart from these two versions, you will also find Tren pellets that are designed for animal use. These pellets are not banned and are readily available. But they are designed to be implanted beneath the animal skin, and the dose levels are very different. This has not stopped people from buying the pellets and converting them for human use with special conversion kits. You can do the same, but please be careful.

On the whole, using Tren is quite safe provided you following dosing, cycles, and supportive cycle therapy. If at any time you feel that you are experiencing too many side-effects rather than benefits, get in touch with a doctor immediately. If you are new to bodybuilding and steroid use, start with a lower than expected dose and then build up your dose to get the desired effect. Remember, the higher the dose, the higher the side-effects. Take it slow and steady, and you should see results in a few weeks time.