Top 5 Benefits Of Buying Winstrol Steroid For Sale

WinstrolAn Introduction to Winstrol


If you were to ask an expert what they think is the most popular anabolic steroid on Earth, they would probably answer with “Winstrol.” It is hard to argue this. The Winstrol steroid has been the subject of in-depth coverage by the media. Part of the reason that Winstrol has been so heavily documented is the fact that it is one of the first steroids invented. It has been in existence in the 1950s.

Like most other steroids, Winstrol is just a name brand for a generic form of the substance. The medical term for Winstrol is Stanozolol. That name should probably sound familiar to you. It is one of the most common words used when steroids are referred to on the news. Even if you have never used steroids, you have probably heard of this steroid, especially when the news stories revolve around an athlete’s steroid scandal. Many athletes have taken this drug, even though it is banned by their specific professional sports league. This is probably because of the huge physical advantage Winstrol steroids can give athletes that use it correctly. The most obvious case of this Gold medalist Ben Johnson, the Canadian sprinter at the 1988 Olympic games.

Why is Stanozolol Popular?

The biological rewards of Winstrol are amongst the broadest of any steroid. Athletes in just about any sport can benefit from them in some way. Winstrol tablets are great for people that need to cut down on weight, and they provide strength and endurance to athletes simultaneously. A lot of this depends on what other substances Winstrol steroids are paired with.

One other reason that the drug is so widely used is that just about anyone can take it. The negative side effects are relatively mild. Side effects almost always affect women more drastically than men, to the degree that they can’t even take certain steroids. Because of this, both male and female athletes can benefit from this substance without it taking too big of a toll on their body.

What is it?

Like most anabolic steroids, Winstrol is a dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Like most other synthetic steroids, Stanozolol is a just an altered version of a DHY molecule. The alterations are what gives it its qualities. It does a couple of things very well in comparison to other competitor steroids.

SHBG – The most important thing it does is help reduce the presence of the Sexual-Hormone-Binding-Globulin. This may seem very confusing, but it keeps this globulin from blocking portions of the steroid. It also allows the body to use more natural testosterone at one time. This is all a part of the steroids anabolic qualities. The drug has almost zero androgenic aspects.

Protein Synthesis – Winstrol improves protein synthesis in the body. This aids in nitrogen retention as well. One of the most important things that it does is increase the red blood cell count in the muscles, increasing the amount of oxygen delivered to those muscles during a workout. This helps people work out harder for a longer period. These are just two of the most obvious benefits of this ubiquitous and infamous steroid.

5 Benefits of Stanozolol

1. No estrogen – A large number of steroids are converted into estrogen after they are done working, not Stanozolol. This steroid doesn’t turn into estrogen in any capacity whatsoever. This is very important for users because it drastically reduces the side effects, especially in men. This is a good thing because estrogenic side effects are some of the most physically embarrassing side effects for men, including the development of female breasts. Much of the drug’s popularity lies in its ability to have positive effects on the male body without any estrogenic issues that some other steroids deliver.

2. Zero Water Retention – You probably see a developing these here when it comes to the side effects. Just because they are found in many other anabolic steroids doesn’t mean Winstrol is going to have them. Patients experience zero water retention when ingesting this steroid either by tablet or injection. Water retention is bad, especially for body builders, because takes away the look of lean muscle mass on the body. The best way to get lean and cut look is with dry muscles. Many bodybuilders take it during the period leading up to a competition to help dry out their muscles and give them a statuesque look that the judges like.

3. Endurance – Runners and team sports athletes both like this drug because of the rewards it brings when it comes to endurance. They can work out and train much longer, and also perform better on gamedays. As we said before, this steroid helps the promotion of the creation of red blood cells. These are the cells that carry oxygen throughout the human body. Muscles tire out when they don’t have oxygen, hence the increased endurance when taking Winstrol. This is why it is one of the most popular drugs taken by professional cyclists. Along with endurance, a person will experience an increase in speed and agility with this steroid.

4. SHBG – As you read earlier, Stanozolol reduces SHBG in the body. This hormone attaches itself to other steroids, rendering them useless. So, not only does Winstrol have a lot of its positive rewards, but it also helps athletes experience the benefits of other steroids taken in conjunction with it. This is called stacking. There are two kinds of stacking; cutting (for losing weight), and bulking (for building mass). Winstrol steroids are most commonly used during the cutting phase of a steroid cycle.

5. Mild Overall Side Effects – The overall side effects for Stanozolol are pretty mild compared to other anabolic steroids. This is obviously due in large part to the fact that it has no estrogenic properties at all. Of course, any medication is going to have some effect on the body. So, there are a few side effects experienced by people who take Winstrol. Each person reacts to the substance differently. Some may not experience side effects at all if the dose is small enough. The best way to avoid severe side effects is to keep the period in which you take the drug as short as possible.

Negative Side Effects

While the side effects are mild, they still exist. Here are a few examples of the side effects associated with Winstrol steroids.

Some Androgenic – There have been instances of androgenic side effects in some people that have taken the drug. This includes acne and hair loss in most men that take it. The hair loss is more likely if the person is previously genetically inclined to have male pattern baldness. The more predisposed you are to have acne or hair loss, the more likely you are to experience it as a side effect.

Androgenic effects are much more harsh on women. That’s why there are certain steroids women can’t take. Women sometimes experience; increased body hair and a deeper voice. Their body becomes more masculine. These side effects will dissipate quickly if the person stops taking the drug, which they should do if intense androgenic side effects start to appear.

Cholesterol – Winstrol can cause increased cholesterol in the body. That is why it is recommended that no one with heart problem take the drug. It is also important to consume a healthy diet during the period where you are taking Stanozolol. It is responsible for the creation of both good and bad cholesterol. Anyone who uses this steroid should monitor their cholesterol levels carefully to prevent the development of heart issues. The drug is also known to cause liver problems in some patients. Anyone with a pre-existing liver condition should stay away from this steroid.

Reduced Testosterone – While this drug doesn’t create estrogen in the male body, it does sometimes suppress the presence of testosterone. This can be combated by taking drugs designed fro men that are suffering what is called Low-T (Low Testosterone Disorder). This is something for all male’s to be aware of when they take it.

How is it taken?

Most males take it three times a day in small doses. Women take smaller doses because it has a high effect on women and only takes a small dose to have an effect on their body. The steroid can be taken both orally and by injection. The side effects are a little different when taking it orally because of how the body processes it. Specifically, it won’t have a negative effect on the liver if it is taken via injection. The injection does have the same effect on testosterone and cholesterol, though.

Where can you get Winstrol?

There are a lot of different places where an athlete can access Winstrol. The Ther steroid is also available at different retail locations. It is almost always cheaper to buy it online. Although, there are some stark advantages to buying it a retail supplier. The most obvious being that you now what you are getting when you buy it. Sometimes, online dealers will not sell you exactly what you wanted when you buy Winstrol. The key when buying online is to do your research and make sure you are buying from a dealer with a good reputation and a proven track record.

When you buy Winstrol online, you can only purchase Winstrol pills, also the case with purchasing in a retail capacity. Doctors are the only people that can get you an injectable form of the steroid to use. The Winstrol for sale is obviously very accessible. This is another reason that it is so popular with athletes. The patent for Winstrol has run out. Now multiple companies are competing to sell the product, helping keep the price down. It used to sell for astronomical prices compared to what you can get it for now. This made it cost prohibitive for some.


Winstrol is one of the post popular steroids in the world. This is because it brings mild positive benefits and also works well in a cutting stack with other steroids. It used by athletes who compete in all sports because of the broad range of rewards it brings. On top of that, the side effects are extremely mild, giving both men and women the chance to take it. They are especially small if you take the recommended dose. All higher doses should be approved by a doctor and come with a prescription. All in all, Winstrol is one of the premier “cutting” steroids available online today.