Why You Should Start Using Anadrol Steroids For Sale?

Anadrol 50Why Should You Start An Anadrol Cycle?


For bodybuilders, working out is necessary. Most bodybuilders have set routines that help them lose fat, gain muscle mass, and ensure a ripped physique for competition season. However, almost every athlete is following the same routine, and the competition becomes fierce. Winning is everything when you are working out, but you do need something that will give you an edge over the thousands of athletes doing the same thing out there. This is where Anadrol or Oxymetholone comes into play.

What are Anadrol steroids?

Adrol is also referred to Anadrol, A-bombs or A50 and it is one of the most commonly use steroids for bodybuilding. The steroid itself is derived from dihydrotestosterone, and it is closely related to action to methyl-dihydrotestosterone. Adrol works better than these hormones as it contains an extra 2-hydroxymethylene group. Due to this extra group, it is much more effective as an oral steroid rather than an injectable one. This steroid is also considered one of the strongest medications on the market and three times as powerful as testosterone.

Effects of Anadrol

* Anadrol causes rapid and huge muscle mass gains. According to users, bodybuilders have experienced weight gains of 20-30 pounds or more. However, this means using A50 on a cycle of three to six weeks or more.
* Along with muscle mass gain, users have reported an increase in strength and energy as well. Bodybuilders have stated that users could lift weights with an increase of 40-pounds or more in less than 30 days after starting A50. However, these strength gains do tend to disappear after you stop the cycle.
* Most steroids have a detrimental effect on your libido due to the dampening effect on testosterone. Happily enough, A50 is different. It binds with SHBG or sex hormone binding globulin which removes testosterone from the body. When A50 is started, SHBG is suppressed, and more testosterone remains in the body resulting in more muscle and better libido. Woo-hoo!
* Anadrol can also be added to stacks to cause a mixed response in your body building routine. For example, users recommend combining Anadrol with nandrolone or trenbolone to gain the most.
* Apart from a complete cycle, it is also possible to start A50 in mid-cycle. This type of use is recommended when an athlete hits a plateau during his or her workout. Weight gain comes to a complete halt no matter what you do. In this case, A50 can be added mid-cycle to alter body physiology and boost muscle mass formation.
* Anadrol can also be used in cutting cycles. For example, athletes can get a fuller look by adding Anadrol to a cutting cycle and adding carbs to their diet. To get a chiseled look, you will have to control your water intake as A50 does cause a significant amount of water retention.
* Most athletes begin with a 50mg dose. This dose is then increased as required to a peak dose of 100mg per day. The consensus is that doses more than 100mg per day will not cause any significant boost in body mass formation.
* The original form of A50 was used to treat osteoporosis. It is not commonly used now, but it does seem to draw calcium into bones to increase bone density. This does not affect your body building prowess, but it does improve your overall health.
* Anadrol boost muscle mass formation. As a result, the body requires more fuel to create new muscle cells. One of the side-effects of A50 use is that users are always hungry. You are advised to add healthy proteins to your diet to ensure optimum results from your A50 use.
* Anadrol seems to soothe joint pains as well. Although this has not been substantiated or verified, users have reported a decrease in joint pain, better lubrication in joins and much more flexibility after A50 use.
* If you are new to any steroid use, you can start with a lowered initial dose of 25mg. And then increase the dose higher as required. Please remember, the higher the dose, the more the side-effects. Most users start with 25mg or 50mg and then move along to higher doses to gain muscle mass

Where can you buy Anadrol online?

Anadrol is an anabolic steroid and is sold only for medical reasons only. In the US, you will need a prescription to buy the drug. However, the drug is not prescribed for any medical conditions. Furthermore, the drug is classified as a Class III controlled substance. Violation of US laws will result in a very strong reaction. You may not be able to buy the drug in the US. However, it is possible to get your particular supply of Anadrol 50 by searching online. For example, most users try online forums to find reliable suppliers. Veteran bodybuilders usually have their source of steroids. Find a reliable website and log on. Build a presence online and then ask around in private messages for references. Please note that you will not get quick replies as very few people want to share their sources. However, with time, you will get the names of good websites or suppliers who will hand-deliver or post the medications to you.

Another option is to buy Anadrol from international websites. International websites located in Europe or Asia do not have the same strict prescription requirements as that of the US. As a result, you can order your medications from these websites without the need for a prescription and the parcel is delivered to your home. Please note that small amounts pass through customs quite easily, but it depends on your particular state rules and regulations.

Another option is to find Anadrol for sale at pharmacy websites or manufacturer websites. For example, there are websites in Europe or Asian that sell Adrol 50 in bulk. These websites also have attached pharmacists or doctors who will consult with you online and prescribe Anadrol tablets or Anadrol pills for you to suit your medical condition. Please note that we are not sure of the exact legality of this process, but you will get the medications you want and in bulk rates as well.

Please note that fakes and scam products are common as Anadrol is in high demand online. A few of the more reputable international brands are Anadrolic which is sold in the UK, Anoxic available in China and South Asia and Anapolon retailed in Turkey and Europe.

Underground labs and research labs are also allowed to sell Anadrol. However, buying from these companies can be a little risky. We recommend you check the company reputation and then make a small purchase. Use the product carefully and then buy in small amounts only. Large amounts may cause a problem for you at customs.

If you do not want to buy this kind of Anadrol steroid, you will also find websites that sell precursor forms of Anadrol. This is a completely legal but chemically different form of Anadrol. Once you consume the drug, it is converted inside the body into active Anadrol or Oxymetholone. The only problem with this kind of legal steroid is that you require very high doses of the legal steroid. Once the drug is ingested, only a fraction of the drug is converted into active anabolic form. As a result, the user will see results but only after a few weeks of continued use. But it is a safer, cheaper and completely legal form of Anadrol for use in the US. We also recommend that you check US rules and regulations before you proceed to buy the medications and deliver them home.

General Tips For Adrol Use

* Adrol pills do have side-effects and they have to be used carefully. For example, users have reported side effects like water retention and gynecomastia. You will have to use supportive therapy like Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators and Aromatase Inhibitors to minimize the effects of the steroid. The most commonly used post-cycle therapy drugs include Clomid and Nolvadex. These drugs can block the extra estrogen formed and thus control the negative feedback mechanism that occurs due to A50 use.
* Androgenic side effects like acne, hair loss, and body hair growth are also common but these side-effects have a genetic component.
* Supportive therapy like Liv-52 and milk thistle is also recommended to mitigate this drug’s hepatotoxicity.
* You may also have to add HCG to elevate your libido but this is up to your dosing cycle.
* Adrol is not the right choice for women. It can lead to a sudden increase in virile symptoms that are completely irreversible. Women have reported effects like increased body hair growth, a change in voice tone and depth, and clitoral enlargement. Other side effects seen in women include a reduction in breast size and menstrual irregularity.
* The drug lasts for 16-hours in the human body. Most men start with a 50mg dose for six weeks to ensure rapid muscle gain. However, the drug should not be taken for more than six weeks as it is extremely hepatotoxic.
* Doses above 100mg per day are contraindicated. If you are already on a 100mg per day dose, then please make sure you limit your cycle to four weeks or less.
* Due to the short half-life of the drug, you have to take the drug twice daily. For example, if you are starting with 50mg, please split the medication as 25mg to be taken in the morning and 25mg in the evening to ensure good results and lesser immediate side-effects.
* It is also possible to stack A50 with injectable esters to gain muscle mass formation. For example, most bodybuilders stack A50 with testosterone enanthate as it results in long-term fat loss and stable muscle gain.
* It is highly recommended that you do not use any other similar group steroid during this period.
* Try to keep as much downtime as possible between two cycles of Anadrol to flush out toxins from the body and allow organs to recover.

As you can see, Adrol is extremely effective in building muscle and causing muscle mass formation. However, it is not without its problems and side-effects. To ensure that you are getting the best from the drug, we do recommend that you follow cycle therapy and post-cycle therapy to protect your body. Do as much research as possible before starting the medication and do not increase the dose beyond the safe limit. Consult your doctor in case you have related medical conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure before taking this medication.