Everything You Need To Know About HGH For Sale

HGHHGH, or Human Growth Hormone, is a protein produced by the body and secreted from the pituitary gland. While it is commonly associated with steroid use and cheating in sports, it is a natural testosterone booster. Some experts and doctors hail it as the next fountain of youth; there are several and practical benefits for using an HGH supplement.

What is Human Growth Hormone For Sale?


As stated above, it is a protein produced by the body. Its main role is to facilitate cell growth and regeneration; it is also responsible for increasing bone density and muscle mass, both of which would be impossible without this hormone. Additionally, the health of the brain, organs and all other human tissue is maintained by this essential hormone.

Upon secretion, growth hormones are only active in the bloodstream for a few minutes, just long enough for the liver to absorb it and turn it into three growth factors. The most vital growth factor produced by the liver is IGF-1, or insulin-like growth factor, which has growth-producing effects on every single cell found in the human body. In addition to boosting the production of growth factors, it also regulates certain functions of the heart, metabolism, fat, sugar and body temperature.

Human growth factor also works in collaboration with collagen, which maintains muscle and skin composition. As the body ages, both collagen and HGH production steadily declines, especially for men as they reach the age of 30. With reduced amounts of HGH, your skin loses tone and elasticity and starts to sag as well as losing muscle mass.

However, with the best HGH supplement and all of the buy HGH options available, you can reverse this sign of aging and restore your body and lean muscle back to the way it was when you were 20.

Finding good HGH for sale can be difficult, there is an unending supply of companies and supplements from an HGH steroid or Human Growth Hormone steroid booster to HGH tablets to HGH pills to HGH injections. It can be nearly impossible to know which form to buy Human Growth Hormone.

Additionally, it is good to know there are essentially three ways of increasing the levels of HGH. The first is to take it in its bioavailable injectable form, either illicitly or through a prescription from a medical doctor. The second is, injecting another hormone that stimulates and boosts the production of the growth hormone, they are commonly known as a growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH) and taking an oral supplement that increases the natural production of human growth hormones. Most popular products are HGH pills for sale, HGH releasers, HGH steroids tablets and oral sprays.

How Does an HGH Supplement work?

HGH Pills

Most pills are considered to be growth hormone releasers or supplements and are taken like vitamins. There is a tremendous difference between releasers and an HGH supplement. Releasers work by stimulating the release of the hormone by the pituitary gland. Supplements are an aid used to augment the levels of HGH in the body. However, when you buy HGH online, you will often find the terms are being used interchangeably. It is most likely that the supplements are in pill form and used to produce additional growth hormones through the stimulation of the pituitary gland.

HGH Oral Sprays

Oral sprays are one of the newest offerings in the growth hormone world. As of current times, there are no positive effects reported on the efficacy of oral sprays. In fact, molecules that make up the growth hormone are too big to pass through or penetrate membranes of the mouth, stomach or intestines. While there are several sprays that tout is containing certain polymers, which aid in allowing the body to absorb the growth hormone, polymers are even bigger than the hormone’s molecules, so that is an impossible claim to make. Without any current evidence supported any positive effects, oral sprays are not your best option.

Although there are countless anecdotes of Human Growth Hormone steroids users who swear by its effects, there are currently no studies to date devoted to the benefits of using this anabolic hormone. Most studies revolve around the injectable form of Human Growth Hormones.

However, children who have an HGH deficiency have been prescribed Human Growth Hormone supplements for years. It has also been used medicinally in brittle diabetics who have trouble regulating their blood sugar. With the popularity of HGH continuing to rise and enjoying a boost to that popularity thanks to Hollywood celebrities discovering the benefits, many people wonder if it is legal to buy Human Growth Hormone online or in stores. You can buy HGH online in any form such as Human Growth Hormone tablets or Human Growth Hormone pills as long as it is synthetic. If it is a pure form of HGH, then it must be prescribed by a doctor for a legitimate medical purpose.

While the growth hormone is only biomedically available as an injection, it does not fall under the control of the Controlled Substance Act. Nonetheless, it is controlled and regulated by the 1990 Anabolic Steroids Control Act, which mandates a possible five-year felony charge for the illicit use of human growth hormones. Use of the bioavailable and injectable form must meet strict medical criteria as determined by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The FDA only allows it to be used by adults in conjunction with their doctor for three conditions, wasting syndrome as a result of AIDS, Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency Syndrome (AGHD) and short bowel syndrome. It is important to note that AGHD is a specific disease caused by tumors of the pituitary gland, or treatments of those tumors, and is not associated with the natural decline in the growth hormone from aging.

Benefits of Supplementing with HGH

Ideally, adding an HGH supplement to your daily routine can reverse the effects of aging on anyone who has reached the age of 30. Additionally, supplementing the growth hormone for anyone older can benefit them by reversing as much as fifteen years off their age, physically speaking.

Other benefits of Human Growth Hormone supplements include:

– decreasing body fat, especially around the abdominal area

– increasing in muscle mass, and when combined with exercise, physical strength will increase as well

– reducing the likelihood of needing nursing home or other palliative care in your golden years

– lessening the effects of aging on the skin such as wrinkling and sagging

– reversing the cognitive deterioration

– strengthening and boosting the immune system

– increasing bone density

– the ability to regrow some organs that have experience atrophy as a result of aging

– stimulating collagen synthesis in tendons and skeletal muscles

– ability to hear better and more effectively from fractures and breaks

– enhancing weight loss

– reducing cardiovascular risk as well as reducing the likelihood of death occurring from a tragic cardiac event

With all these benefits, you may be thinking that the growth hormone is magic, yet there are several things that human growth hormone therapy cannot do. It can’t reverse damage caused by oxidation, although it may relieve some of the symptoms associated with it as well as cannot compensate for deficiencies of other hormones. In fact, if there are other deficiencies present, the benefits of HGH are greatly reduced. While it can reverse a minimal amount of damage caused by glucose, it cannot reverse the damage overall, and it does not increase anyone’s lifespan maximum.

Side Effects of Using HGH

With any synthetic supplement, there are side effects to be aware of so you can choose if you want to engage in using these available products.

Reported side effects include:

– coarsening and thickening of the skin, known as elephant epidermis

– swelling of the fingers and toes

– changes to the skeletal system

– lengthening of the jaw

– increased size of the orbit

– muscle weakness, aches, and pains

– nerve and joint pain

– edema

– the sensation of pins and needles in extremities

– enlargement of internal organs

– elevated cholesterol levels

– cardiomegaly, or enlargement of the heart, one of the most common causes of death related to HGH abuse

Are There Other Ways To Boost HGH?

If you don’t want to risk any adverse side effects or just not a big fan of taking oral supplements, there are natural ways you can boost the production of HGH naturally and with no adverse reactions.


One of the best ways to stimulate the production of the growth hormone is High-Intensity Interval Training or HIIT. A high-intensity workout that lasts for at least ten minutes and reaches above the lactate threshold is the most beneficial for stimulating increased secretions of HGH.


Numerous studies have shown the countless benefits of L-Arginine, especially the positive effects it has on the heart. However, it is also highly advantageous for anyone wanting to boost their levels of the growth hormone. Arginine supplements can increase levels of HGH by as much as 100% all on its own, but used in conjunction with exercise such as what has been described above, that percentage soars to 300-500%.

Reduce Sugar Intake

White sugar is one of the worst substances you can put in your body and is often said to be more addictive than the worse street drugs. As you eat sugar, your body needs to respond by producing more insulin to keep high blood sugars from essentially killing you. The more insulin is in your bloodstream; the less HGH is produced.

Go to Sleep

Getting enough sleep is always important for your health, but even more so if you are trying to raise your levels of growth hormone. The majority of growth hormone is released in cycles throughout the night, based on your circadian rhythm. The largest release of HGH happens before midnight with other small secretions occurring in the early morning hours.  Research has also shown that poor sleep cycles inhibit the production and release of HGH. You should aim for getting a good solid seven to ten hours of sleep every night and try to fall asleep before 11 pm so that your body is ready and optimized to receive the largest dose of HGH.

Whether you buy HGH online, boost your HGH levels naturally or choose to go the illicit route, there are several benefits and side effects to consider when weighing your options. It is always advisable to speak to a licensed medical profession before starting any new supplement or workout routine and to find out if you can benefit from boosting your levels of HGH.