S23 SARM For Sale: Results, Dosage, Side Effects & Where To Buy

S23 SARM for sale, without a doubt, is one of the most potent SARMs, with its popularity growing at a rapid rate among the bodybuilding community.

It has a strong binding affinity and high level of tissue selectivity to help you burn the fats and amass those impressive lean gains you’ve always wanted.

Bodybuilders are doing all they can to find friendly supplements, and in such instances, SARMs are an alternative worth considering.

Whether you’re new in the bodybuilding space or a pro who wants to enhance their athletic performance, then S23 is not just encouraging, but the real deal.

So, what is it all about this non-steroidal drug? Is it worth trying out? Is its miraculous performance hyped?

In this SARMs S23 review, we reveal to you the truth about the S23 results, proper dosage, side effects to watch out, and where to buy SARM S23 for sale.

As an eye-opener on what we are focusing on, let’s first begin with having a basic understanding of this non-steroidal supplement.

What Is S23 SARM?


S23 is a compound that belongs to a group of chemicals known as SARMs (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators).

As a SARM, it means that it targets androgen receptors selectively, unlike the anabolic steroids which are non-specific and end up coming into contact with any androgen receptor.

The high affinity on specific fat and muscle tissue makes the S23 stand out because such interactions enable to user to avoid any unwanted side effects because there is no unwanted stimulation of seminal vesicles, prostate, or other tissues with androgen.

In a scientific perspective,

A close look at the S23 structure evidence that the compound was created through modifying a SARM product, C-6, which is less efficient.

The para-nitro group of the initial C-6 gets replaced with a cyano group, and this results in an increase in oral bioavailability from 76 to 96%, making it possible to acquire high and efficient concentration levels.

To expound on that, the efficiency of any SARM depends on how close it is to 100% bioavailability. With 96%, it means that S23 is highly bioavailable after oral dosing.

Another critical thing to note is that S23 is still in the preclinical development stage. But first, before we detail on that, let’s have a look at its history.

A Precise History of S23

Ignore the rumors and unverified data you’ve heard previously claiming that S23 main reason for development was to target bodybuilders and general athletes.

The product made by a famous company, GTX Labs, was intended to reduce the sperm count only when on dosage, making it a perfect men contraceptive. That would position them as being the first non-surgical male contraceptive alternative.

A study done on rodents, showcased the compound as a very suppressive SARM, with the ability to cause infertility in the respective rats, depending on the S23 dosage used.

Still, in rodents, the same study showed that there were anabolic activities that had positive impacts on muscles, bones, and energy levels, which also depended on the dosage given.

It didn’t take long before bodybuilders hid it in their gym bags, and its popularity increased in the bodybuilding forums and communities. Anecdotally, S23 had the very same positive impacts on users, especially on increasing the muscle mass.

Why is S23 SARM Popularity Unstoppable?

S23 specificity, just like the other SARMs, is one of the reasons for increased use among the male and female bodybuilders — its potency makes it the strongest SARM when compared with others.

It acts specifically on bone and muscles, promoting their growth and endurance, without causing extensive harm to your prostate, at the same time, it helps reduce fat and boost muscle mass without experiencing some side effects common with steroids.

Still, its use as a ‘male pill’ has made it popular, with lab rats studies evidencing that SARM S23 is effective while on dosage, and once stopped, infertility gets switched off.

How the S23 SARM Works

SARMs works by binding to the androgenic receptors in the specific areas of the bones and muscles while trying to avoid damaging other tissues like the prostate.

The mode of action on both muscles and bones is complex. Upon administration orally, which is the best way to achieve 96% oral bioavailability, S23 binds to specific androgen receptors with strong affinity.

In muscles, binding sends signals that lead to increased gene activity responsible for reducing fat mass and enhancing muscle proteins, thus facilitating lean muscle growth.

The same case applies to the bones, but this time around, the activated receptors send impulses to boost the activity of cells involved in bone-building, resulting in increased bone mineral density.

During the performance, the degree of selectivity varies among the SARMs, with some being highly selective, and thus very potent upon dosing.

The mode of action in contraceptives targets the hormones responsible for making sperms. The S23 can suppress the Luteinizing Hormone and Follicle Stimulating Hormone, and this results in low sperm count.

According to cell studies found in the journal of endocrinology, and published in NCBI, S23 bonds with androgen receptors are solid, making it stand out among the most potent SARMS currently available.

S23 Results: The Benefits of Using S23

With S23 being the strongest SARM currently available, then, without a doubt, you expect some amazing S23 results.

Well, without much ado, let’s take a lot at these benefits.

It is ideal for birth control in men. While women enjoy the benefits of having a variety of contraceptives to choose from, men are not lucky to do so. When on an S23 cycle, you don’t have to put that fricking rubber or worry about having your girl pregnant.

It increases muscle mass and boosts strength. We all wish for strong, lean, and well-shaped muscles. Once you start dosing, you’ll realize that muscles grow like never before, and it doesn’t take long before you achieve your muscle goals. All this happens due to its potent anabolic activity.

S23 enhances fat loss. The moment you start dosing S23, then you’ll witness a real transformation. It allows the body to burn excess fats due to its high impact on fat oxidation. The fats melt away, allowing you to shape your muscles. If at all, you’ve been struggling to lose weight at the same time, then it’s a jackpot win for you. Yes, double results.

There is a boost in bone health and strength. S23 ability to activate the bone cells makes it possible to ensure you have strong and healthy bones. It allows the bones to increase in mass, heal those with conditions like osteoporosis, and play a key role in building new bones.

It increases sexual desire in females. If you’re a lady, then this is no longer a secret; you don’t have to spend beyond your budget, S23 works like magic when it comes to increasing sexual motivation in ladies. Studies show that women struggling with Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder increased libido upon S23 administration.

It results in increased endurance and body energy. You’ll no longer feel like you’ve been to the gym all day and exhausted, and you now want to have some rest. With S23, you’ll get enough energy that allows you to last long beyond your expectations.

If you strive to have more visible veins, then S23 is the real deal. Vascularity is the desire of every bodybuilder. With S23, you enjoy the conspicuous veins and much more. Luckily enough, this doesn’t take you long.

With these results and much more highlighted in this SARMs S23 review, you can have a sense of real benefits you enjoy when you decide to supplement with the best S23 SARM.

Recommended S23 Dosage

From the animal studies, the rats were subjected to 0.01 mg/day to 3 mg/day via injections or oral means; however, since the study focused on rodents and not humans, this S23 dosage is not extrapolated to humans.

Once you buy S23 SARM, the recommended dose on humans’ ranges from 10 — 30 mg/day split into two dosages. Here, you start with 10mgs a day and up the dosage depending on how your body reacts.

In most cases, this will not take more than a week. By week two, the results become evident and much noticeable.

S23 Cycles, Stacking, Half-Life & PCT

You’ll gain leaner and strong muscles while on S23, than when trying to gain naturally.

The S23 SARM cycle should not take more than eight weeks. We recommend that you take the dosage aforementioned for six weeks before you make the next move.

With a short half-life of 12 hours, S23 works pretty fast. The short half-life explains why most people use it twice daily for maximum performance.

If you want to optimize your muscle gains and acquire that chiseled physique, then stacking comes in handy. Most bodybuilders prefer using S23 during the last 12 weeks of the large cycle. You can stack with Ibutamoren, Andarine, Ligandrol, or Cardaline.

Again, do you require a PCT for the S23 SARM?

Yes, without a doubt, you’ll need it 100%.

If you’ve used S23 for long, you need to balance your hormones, especially the testosterone levels, which deplete while on any SARM. Failure to do so exposes you to potential side effects. A dose of Clomid or Nolvadex might come in handy.

The Possible S23 Side Effects

When it comes to side effects, you need to know that S23 side effects differ greatly with other SARMs, irrespective of the close similarity in the mode of action.

So, what are the S23 side effects? Are they harsh or not?

There is a likelihood of testosterone shut down. The ability to decrease the levels of testosterone has seen many people relate it to anabolic steroids, unlike other SARMs in the market.

That might give you an idea as to why supplement users supplement S23 with testosterone therapy. But do you need it?

Luckily enough, a decrease in dosage results in a complementary reduction in levels of testosterone. That means when you end the cycle, these effects will not last long, and your testosterone levels will restore to normal.

Your testicles might shrink. This is a common side effect, and it happens because of the low levels of testosterone. Just like the said above side effect, this too is temporary, and once you complete the cycle, things get back to normal.

According to bodybuilders’ forums, very few individuals have complained about the change of urine color to dark, and this too fades away after complementing the cycle.

Be keen when you increase your dosage, you might be exposing your body to possible side effects, and this is not what you want.

Again, we’ll mention once more that you need to be cautious about the vendor you choose. Acquiring a wrong choice poses a danger, and frightening side effects that a genuine S23 will not raise.

Where To Find SARM S23 for Sale

There are multiple stores to find SARM S23 for sale online.

If you decide to buy SARM S23, make sure you do so from a reputable dealer because there are many bunk products out there from vendors who survive in peddling crap as genuine SARMs.

We’ve dedicated a lot of time in finding the perfect vendors that fit your bill to ensure you enjoy the genuine and pure product.

Let’s see who the vendors are!
Umbrella Labs


If you need to promote endurance, muscle growth, enhance fat loss, and improve bone health and strength, then the best S23 SARM is your go-to option.

When you stick to the right dose and combine it with the right supplements, then the results are amazing, and you’ll love it.

Don’t forget to listen to your body to note the side effects. On the bright side, S23 SARM side effects are fully reversible the moment you end your cycle – a feature that makes it out do many supplements.

With the extensive details explained in this SARMs S23 review, we can now relax, knowing you won’t have trouble deciding on S23 SARM for sale.