A Look Into The Top Benefits Of RAD 140 (Testolone)

When it comes to bodybuilding and fitness supplements, SARMs take the lead and RAD-140 or Testolone as it is commonly known features prominently. This is attributed to its numerous benefits. The RAD 140 is known to trigger receptors and causes them to respond as though they were subjected to testosterone. It does this so effectively, thus helps the user to achieve the same results testosterone offers without causing the side effects that are known to accompany testosterones. Before getting into the real details, it is perhaps important to understand what RAD-140 is and how it works.

What is the best RAD 140?


Many people are trying to increase their muscle mass, but it’s not proving to be an easy task. Regardless of the amount of time you spend in the gym, you may still not achieve the kind of muscle mass you are looking for. Fortunately, RAD 140 is one of the SARMs that helps people to go beyond their natural limits to either gain body muscle or lose extra fat. Taken as an oral supplement, Tesotolone is becoming increasingly popular, especially among bodybuilders.

As a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARM), this compound can yield similar results to anabolic steroids except that RAD 140 does not come with the negative side effects that are associated with anabolic steroids. This is because they selectively target the receptors with their effects as opposed to affecting the tissues. Similarly, the supplement features the same effects to those of testosterone. The only salient difference between it and testosterone is that it causes a mild boost of testosterone. Its interaction with the receptor is equal to the kind of reaction that large amounts of testosterone would produce. What this means is that RAD 140 delivers the much needed anabolic effect while at the same time limiting the androgenic side effects.

How RAD 140 Works

Like all other SARMs, RAD 140 works in a selective way by targeting the respective androgen receptors present in the muscle tissues and the bones. As it works on target receptors, the rest of the receptors in the body remain unaffected, hence not triggered. However, there is little scientific research as to what exactly happens in the tissues to deliver the kind of results it delivers. Nevertheless, scientists agree that the selective nature of RAD140 SARMs makes it the safest and the best Testolone for both men and women trying to gain or lose weight. Women are the happiest lot given that this supplement does not cause clitoris enlargement or virilization, which are both associated with testosterone.

In addition, unlike steroids, which easily convert to other non-natural hormones, Testolone does not convert because of its unique structure. This is what guarantees its results when taken in by any person. RAD 140 is believed to stimulate the muscle and bone tissues while ensuring that the prostate and the vesicle tissues do not work. The import of this effect is that it neither increases the production of sperms nor elicits the production of liver enzymes, which are known to cause liver toxicity.

Top Benefits of RAD140 SARM

Just like its related SARMs, Testolone is strongly attracted to androgen receptors and causes the body to react the same way anabolic steroids do. The reason men and women prefer, it is, it doesn’t cause prostate in men nor have androgenic symptoms in female users. Based on numerous anecdotal evidence from RAD 140 review, Rad 140 has a much stronger affinity to receptors compared to other SARMs. Research shows that the only SARM that comes a distant second is the YK-11, except that the latter is toxic. Therefore, if you are looking to try out SARMS, then Testolone could be your powerful option.

Testolone is known to increase muscle mass significantly without triggering the release of liver enzymes. What’s more, it is highly effective in stimulating muscle tissues but is very tolerant of prostate glands and the liver. These properties make RAD 140 the best option when it comes to the treatment of cachexia as well as other diseases that cause muscle wasting.

What exactly can you expect from the Testolone cycle? How do its benefits compare with the RAD140 cycle when it comes to results? Let’s have a look at some of the inherent benefits that come with RAD 140.


Everyone looking for SARM is certainly concerned about gaining more strength and stamina necessary for building more muscles. Testolone is what will make you turn into a beast when it comes to lifting weights in the gym. It will assist you in breaking through the plateau and making you add more muscle every other time you are lifting the weights in the gym. No wonder athletes who’ve used this supplement before have successfully broken their past personal best only after cycle 2 or 3 of their dosage. You will continue to record strength gains throughout the cycles until the 6th cycle upon which the curve will begin to flatten.


It is extremely interesting to know that RAD 140 has the potential of yielding the kind of vascularity that you can obtain from Winstrol and other pre-contest compounds. You will begin to notice popped out veins just after your 2-3rd cycles. The best thing about Testolone is that its pumps are not the same as those you get from Anabolicum—it leaves you more shredded with more muscle mass as opposed to water gains.


Most people working on bulking up go for Anabolicum because of its popularity, but if you want to bulk while at the same time looking toned, Testolone is certainly the choice. Although you may have slightly lower gains, your mass is dryer and leaner compared to what you get from other supplements. Users of RAD140 for sale can expect to gain 2-3 pounds of dry and lean muscle mass in 8-10 weeks of consistent use of RAD 140.


Buy RAD140 to gain the kind of aggression that Dianabol and Masteron give you. It gives you the agility to break your limits in the gym every day you lift the weights. Stacking Testolone with other SARMs such as Ostarine will boost recovery and help you record significant results in a matter of 2-3 cycles.

What’s the Proper RAD 140 Dosage and Cycle?

The right dosage of Testolone RAD 140 will vary from one individual to the other. It is based on a person’s experience dealing with SARMs. If you are a beginner trying to leverage the power of Testolone, you are not supposed to go for a higher dosage; instead, you should try using smaller dosages. Manufacturers will recommend taking 5mg per day during the first week for starters before increasing the dosage to 10 mg if you get everything right the first week. Take the compound for no longer than six weeks if you are a starter.

For those with past experience with Testolone, you can begin your first cycle with 10 mg per day during the first week, and you can transition to 15 mg per day if your body is found to tolerate Testolone. Taking it in 8 weeks is likely to help you gain without experiencing any serious side effects. For professional bodybuilders and athletes with massive experience of taking Tostolone, you can take 20 mg a day. Cycling it for ten weeks while watching any side effects can yield the right results. If you notice any undesirable effects, terminate its use. It is also recommended that users of RAD 140 do a PCT immediately after the cycle to minimize any potential side effects and help retain the gains made.

RAD-140 PCT-Testolone review

Research has already shown that SARMS can be suppressive, albeit mildly. One study indicated that LGD-4033 suppressed the test subjects, but they finally bounced back in a great way a few weeks later. But the good news is that there is no clinically proven evidence that shows how RAD 140 causes suppression. However, some people who’ve used RAD 140 can cause suppression with side effects such as reduced libido and a feeling of exhaustion. Therefore, it would be advisable to perform a blood test to determine if you really need a PCT after the cycle. Therefore, the trick is taking lower dosages of SARMs and counter the effects with a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT). The benefit of PCT is that it helps to enhance recovery. Taking six testosterone capsules or RAD 140 capsules during a 30-day period will help you bounce back in a unique way.

Stacking Testolone RAD-140

While steroids need to be stacked for better results, Testolone may not be stacked with any other SARMs for you to achieve the best results. This is because it is extremely efficacious and will help you get the best results when used a standalone supplement, RAD 140 reviews reveals. RAD-140 SARM works very well in a synchronized way with other SARMs. This means you can take in one SARM to cause the other SARM to give explosive results or counter the negative effects of the other SARM.

Testolone & Anabolicum

By stacking Testolone and Anabolicum, you will register fast and greater results, but using RAD 140 alone will not cause water retention. This means RAD 140 alone will help you retain the muscle mass long after you come off the supplement.

Testolone & Andarine

A combination of Testolone and Andarine will significantly impact your ability to cut weight. On the other hand, RAD 140 delivers massive strength, lean muscle, aggression, while Andarine is known as a magic cutting supplement. Therefore, this is a perfect stack for anyone looking to gain more lean muscle with little effort.

We cannot compare the performance of Testolone to any other SARM, such as LGD-4033 and MK-2866, since its most potent. Users say that the RAD 140 has a close resemblance to steroids, so you can expect bigger gains in terms of strength and lean muscle. In fact, you can shed extra fat while at the same time working on your muscles, which is not easy to achieve with other SARMs or steroids.

Where to Buy RAD 140 results

Before you know where to get RAD 140, it is important to stress that you first need to find out if you are the right candidate for this supplement. You will need to talk to your physician before you start using the supplement. Ensure to disclose all pre-existing conditions that may make you unsuitable for RAD 140 Testolone.

Many online stores out there offer RAD 140 for sale, but unfortunately, not all of these shops stock genuine RAD 140 SARM. It’s been established that some vendors stuff them with prohormones to help boost their fake RAD 140, so you’ve got to watch out from whom to purchase your dose. Research the store to ensure you are buying from a reputable vendor to avoid losing your money on less than effective Testolone for sale. Buy Testolone today and start enjoying the top Testolone results.