Different Types Of Steroids

The market place is awash with different types of steroids, running into hundreds, that perform different functions. One of these variations is the anabolic steroids that also come in different types, forms, derivatives, and variations. In fact, there are countless types of anabolic steroids that discussing all of them becomes overwhelming. When thinking of using steroids, one has first to understand the types of anabolic steroids and select which the best depending with intended purpose.

To understand the different forms of steroids, it is important to grasp some of the function. Some steroids come handy in performance improvements, some for therapeutic use while the majority cut across several fields. The different types of steroids can be broken down to the hormonal classifications or even their form of administration. These above classifications results into a plethora of differing types of steroids. However, some steroids are unavailable from some markets or are so rare and exclusive to a certain region that almost no one will use them. With these parameters in mind, we can narrow down to the different types of steroids you are likely to encounter.

Oral steroids

These are the steroids administered through the mouth. They however have different hormonal classifications and come in different forms. The most popular steroid among athletes contains Oxymetholone and goes by the trade name Anadrol. It is a favorite for performance, as it exhibits a few of the androgenic side effect. It also achieves results within a short time.

Steroids with Oxandrolone have very mild side effects making them useful for burning some fats before a competition. The testosterone undecanoate is the only form of oral testosterone. It is a synthetic steroid with an equal ratio of both anabolic and androgenic characteristics. At the correct dosses, this steroid achieves great results as it has low bioavailability. Other oral anabolic steroids include methandrosenolone commonly known as Dianabol, Halotestin, Primobolan that contain Methonolone acetate, mesterolone containing Proviron and the stanozolol containing Winstrol.

Injectable steroids

This form of steroids gets into the body through injections. They come as either liquids or solids that require heating into liquids. The injectable perform wide functions. The most common injectable steroid is Anadur that contains the Nandrolone-Hexyloxyphenylpropionate. Anadur contains healing and rejuvenation properties. The dynabolan and Dynabol performssimilar function as Anadur.

Equipoise is a great injectable for recovery, conditioning and muscular strength enhancement. Fina has an extreme metabolic enhancement effect making it useful for almost any purpose. Masteron has a resilient anti aromatase properties that make this steroid useful for only for conditioning.

Nebido is too slow for performance purposes but effective in treating low levels of testosterone. The NPP promotes rapid growth of tissues and for the treatment of the rapid muscle wasting disease. Other injectable include the Omnadren, Parabolan, Primobolan depot and winstrol Depot.

Transdermal steroids

The transdermal steroids are applied to the body through the skin using a form of an adhesive patch for slow absorption. They typically have a lower absorption rate that makes them unsuitable for performance enhancement. Some of the transdermal steroids include the AndroDerm and AndroGel. These two steroids have testosterone compounds used as part of androPause treatment plans.

Other steroids such as Testopel contains Testosterone compound applied through a subcutaneous implant. It is a common prescription for low libido problems in women.