What You Need To Know Before Implementing A Parabolan Cycles

Parabolan CyclesThere are many types of anabolic steroids out there, but the most popular are Anadrol. Parabolan is a more effective, but less popular anabolic steroid that can help users achieve remarkable results. While it can be used alone, most bodybuilders normally use it together with others in what is commonly referred to as stacking.

One of the main reasons why Parabolan cycles are not as popular as other cycles are because they are difficult to implement. This can be blamed on the low-quality products that are available on the market. That is why fitness experts advise fitness enthusiasts to take their time to find the highest quality products. It is important to note that Parabolan is perfect for bulking but unsuitable for endurance building. This means that proper implementation of a Parabolan cycle will change your physique and exceed your expectations, but it will not help your cardiac endurance. The following are Parabolan cycles for beginners, intermediate users, and advanced users:

i) Beginners

Beginners need only two products in their 12-week cycle. The first is Parabolan, at the rate of around 200mg per week for the entire period. The steroid should be stacked with testosterone cypionate at the rate of 500-600mg/week.

ii) Intermediate Users

This is a 14-week cycle for intermediate users. It requires an intake of around 350mg/week of Parabolan and 100mg/week of Testosterone Enanthate. Dianabol and Equipoise can also be added to the cycle at the rate of 25mg/day and 400mg/week respectively. Like the beginner cycle, this is a bulking cycle. Please note that Dianabol should only be used up to the sixth week of the cycle.

iii) Advanced Users

This is commonly referred to as a cutting cycle or a pre-contest cycle. The main goal is to accelerate fat burning to ensure you have a lean muscle mass. At this level, your Parabolan intake should be around 500mg/week. Testosterone Enanthate should be used at the rate of 100mg/week while Oral Winstrol and Primobolan should be used at the rates of 50mg/day and 1,000mg/week respectively. At the end of the cycle, you can expect to look ripped, dry and have a hard look.

There are many other types of Parabolan cycles for different types of purposes. During a cycle, you should work out on a regular basis to ensure you get great results. You should also perform cardio workouts because you want to have a strong, healthy heart in addition to your remarkable physique.