Long Term Effects Of Steroids

Most of the long term effects of steroids manifest themselves through the physical outward appearances or an observable change in behaviors. It is therefore hard to make an immediate observation of these lasting impacts of using steroids. However, paying keen attention over a long time will reveal these effects. Usually, the steroids cause a gradual change in the brain unlike other substances that achieve these changes faster. Alteration of the brain affects the production and distribution of vital neurotransmitters. The brain changes also results to mood and behavioral changes. Here are some of the steroids lasting effects.

Aggression and anger

Normally, it is common for men to show aggression in whatever action they undertake. In athletes and body builders, steroid driven aggression manifests itself in increased drive and determination to win or achieve extremely high task and challenges. However, the anger and aggression may grow out of control due to the steroid use resulting to a condition referred to as ‘Roid rage’. After taking high dosage of steroids on a regular basis, some people act excessively aggressive in any situation. This rage is associated with an insatiable crave for murder and aggressive attacks. Such aggression leads to social interaction problem as people shun an extremely angry and aggressive person.


Prolonged steroid usage causes the users to develop unexplained changes in behavior. Some users may have a mental situation that causes a complete disconnection with the reality. Steroid users with paranoia experiences constant delusional thoughts and hallucinations of persecution that leads to constant fear, mistrust, or suspicion of people without any justification. In some cases, steroid users may have gratuitous jealousy or at times express an inflated self-importance.

Organ problems

A constant high use of steroids causes a sustained hyperactivity of the heart that causes fatigue in the heart muscles. The heart has to pump harder to keep up with the high aggression by supplying more blood to the brain and muscles. Continued fatigue in the heart causes heart failure, which may become fatal over time. The heart health also deteriorates with the interruptions in sleep patterns occasioned with prolonged use of steroids.

Failure of the heart means low blood supply to the brain that causes malfunction of some body parts, which leads to stroke. A sustained muscles and tendons damage occasioned by excessive use of steroids may also cause stroke.

Steroids cause other vital body parts to work excessively. The kidney has to filter more blood flowing through the body to an extent of collapsing. The liver also suffers from the high use of steroids and may develop tumors leading to a total shut down.


Like all other cases of substance abuse, steroids have the ability to create a dependence when used over a long time. The brain records the good feeling associated with the use of steroids to an extent of creating an addiction. One has to use the steroids constantly to sustain their performance or looks. Poor health also creates dependence on others people to perform routine activities.


The gradual but sustained deterioration of the health caused by sustained use of steroids leads to the ultimate lasting consequence of steroids, which is the loss of life. The combination of many complication and organ failure would lead to death when the body can no longer recover.