Difference Between Organic And Synthetic Testosterone

I often come across athletes and budding bodybuilders who ask is testosterone a steroid? I do not blame them because most drugs available on online stores sell pills and supplements that contain synthetic variants of testosterone. These supplements and pills help bodybuilders burn down their extra flab by increasing the rate of metabolism of their body. Not only does this melt fat, it allows them to gain a muscular body quickly. There are several points that we need to understand before determining why bodybuilders are so crazy about this drug. The human body produces a major portion of natural testosterone, a hormone, in the testicles. However, small amounts of this hormone also come from the adrenal glands, located just above the kidneys. Most individuals know about this fact and this is why they are confused when they see advertisements about synthetic versions of this hormone.

Why does one need it?

People often query why they need to resort to synthetic drugs for developing their muscles, knowing fully well that these drugs might cause side effects on their body, dangerous at times, when their body produces a sufficient quantity of testosterone. The reality is that the capability of the body to produce testosterone decreases with age. As a person grows older, the amount of testosterone produced by his body decreases. On a typical basis, the generation of this hormone reduces drastically once people reach the age of 30. Therefore, they need assistance from synthetic steroids to replenish the quantity of testosterone in their body. This is where one needs to exercise due diligence and be very careful while purchasing this drug from online stores. Synthetic testosterone is sold under several brand names, but not all of them are equally efficient. It is best to order a sample pack of one brand and try it. If it delivers what it promises, one can go ahead and purchase the drug in bulk. If not, they should try a different brand.

Dangers and precautions

Most people believe that they can burn down their body fat faster and gain lean muscles quickly by taking more than the recommended dosage of the drug. This is dangerous and can lead to dangerous side effects. Always follow the chart provided with the drug and consume the drug as recommended by it. You will also find other helpful information in the chart such as the type of food you should avoid (typically processed food that contain saturated fatty acids, which is the prime reason for the formation of body fat) and the type of food you should include in your diet. You will also find that you should stay away from coffee and carbonated drinks during the period you are using the drug. If possible leave these drinks for ever.

Is testosterone a steroid?

Testosterone is primary a male sex hormone as well as an anabolic steroid. Anabolic is the stage of metabolism where simple substances are synthesized into complex materials of living tissue. While the human body produces natural anabolic testosterone, the synthetic versions of it helps boost the deficiency of this steroid when an individual grows older and his body is not able to produce the required quantity of this hormone. Get a pack today and see how quickly it burns down the extra flab of your body and helps you gain a muscular body in a few weeks.