Gains Stalled Out? Here’s What You Need To Know About HGH Cycles

HGH CyclesThe journey to grow bigger and stronger is a lifetime passion for most lifters. Once you meet a goal and start to see changes in your body, the bug latches onto you and won’t let go. However, once you have been at it a while, it gets harder and harder to see changes. After all, if we could all continue to add 5 and 10 pounds to the bar each week, those of us who have been going strong for years would be able to lift a bus or two by now! Because that is just not how it works, serious lifters often turn to HGH cycles to help them achieve the same level of gains that they saw when they first started out.

What do human growth hormone cycles do for you?

An HGH cycle mimics HGH, a hormone that your body produces naturally. Created in the pituitary gland, HGH is responsible for growth spurts in children and teens. While it can also help to regulate your body composition, body fluids, fat and sugar metabolism and maybe even heart function, lifters use it to encourage muscle growth. Recently, beauty gurus have also praised HGH for its ability to help those who consume it look and feel younger.

Does human growth hormone provide the same benefits as anabolic steroids would?

No. Consider a human growth hormone cycle like the milder, younger brother of anabolic steroids. HGH will not make you noticeably stronger or produce overnight miracles, however, what it will do is help you grow. Many people report fewer side effects with HGH cycles than with anabolic steroids.

Is there anything I need to know before taking human growth hormone?

Though not as potent, HGH still requires a healthy dose of respect. Remember always to take HGH as you have been directed and stay at the correct dosage. Doing so will ensure that you not only get the results that you want to achieve but also that you do so safely.

Our bodies seem to know how to get us hooked on the lifting bug and maybe that is why our growth slows at some point. We all crave the challenge of going harder, growing stronger and looking bigger. When it gets too easy – we get bored. Knowing how to overcome those stall outs can be the key to staying motivated and getting to the next level of your training.