How To Use Steroids: Different Methods

How to Use Steroids?

There is no one answer as to how to use steroids. The people who use steroids to enhance their body-building efforts or to enhance performance (in case of athletes) normally use different methods which include varieties of cycles as well as different combinations.

However, if you are a beginner with no prior experience, you must do good to keep a few things in mind. First of all, you should never use stacking (which means combining different types of steroids during a cycle). Use a steroid which comes with a high percentage of testosterone, since after all testosterone is the most active agent in any steroid and also the one that is most directly responsible for the changes that steroids perform in our body.

Next, you must also use the proper supplements which work to negate the side effects of the active compounds found in steroids. The most commonly used supplement that is used during the recovery periods as well as (in most cases) during the cycle itself is HCG 5000 I.U. Also, it is just as important to eat properly and maintain a regular healthy diet when you are on steroids. Make sure you consume a lot of protein and carbs.

Most steroid cycles or routines continue for a period of 12 weeks, although recovery periods vary depending on the type of cycle you are using. However, if it’s your very first time, a cycle of 12 weeks must follow a recovery period of the same duration—that is, 12 weeks. Thereafter, you can gradually bring down the duration of the recovery as well as start stacking two or three variants during a single cycle.

Normally, even when you are stacking, you must not take more than four different compounds in a single cycle. Most common and popular cycles however use either two or three different compounds. In the diamond cycle, for instance, which also happens to be a very popular cycle with many users- professional as well as amateurs/beginners- you use two different doses at once during the whole of the cycle. The diamond cycle also brings to fore another important concept associated with steroid use, namely ‘pyramiding.’

Pyramiding is starting with a smaller dose of one or more compounds and then gradually increasing the dosage until you reach the prescribed ceiling, at which point you stop and go on the recovery. There is also the inverted pyramid cycle in which you do the exact opposite of the above—that is, you start with a very high dose and then gradually come down to a very small one until you stop completely. However, this cycle is largely used by elite athletes and bodybuilders and is not advised for people who pursue workouts orĀ  weightlifting chiefly as a recreational profession.

To come back to the diamond cycle, it starts with a small dose, then the dosage is increased to a high peak, and then again is tapered off to a minimum. This way, your body is given a greater chance to familiarize itself in phases with the foreign compounds that are introduced to it and the risks of side effects are minimum. Consequently, the recovery period of the cycle is also one of the shortest—that of two weeks. In addition to these cycles, other common routines that are found to be popular among users include the double mini cycle and the three-week blitz cycle. In case of the latter, you can stack as many as five different compounds, but in a phased and overlapping manner.