Anabolic Steroids Side Effects: Truth Or Fiction?

Anabolic steroids side effects have always been a controversial subject. By far, the most publicized side effects of anabolic steroids are the damage to kidneys, the liver and other vital organs of the body. This is why periodically breaking the cycle has been invented. The practice allows users to take the medication without sacrificing the health of their vital organs.

By pausing steroid use only to resume at a later period, the human body does a cleansing of sorts. The process reactivates the healthy functioning of organs that have been overworked the most by steroid intake. Skirting the negative effects of steroids in such a manner is very similar to smoking for a long period and then stopping for, say a month of two, only to return to the habit eventually.

Pressing the pause button on the side effects of anabolic steroids is no different from temporarily breaking away from any form of medication. It gives the various systems of the body less work for a certain period of time. These systems, particularly the digestive, circulatory, excretory and endocrine, are all impacted in varying degrees no matter what type of medication is used.

Although the liver and the kidneys are often cited as the organs that bear the brunt of anabolic steroids side effects, there is more than meets the eye. There are in total, 11 different systems in the human body. All these systems must work like a team in order to keep the entire body functioning properly.

Of all the negative effects of steroids, nothing scares men the most than the shrinking of the genitalia. But this often results from excessive dosage, especially in the case of body builders and hockey players. It is easy for the male populace to conclude that their sexual organs have been diminished by a choice of anabolic substances.

Although there might be some truth to this claim, it is also possible that as men grow in muscle size, they tend to lose a sense of proportion. Naturally, the genitals will look smaller as one’s body expands considerably due to drug-induced muscle growth. Men might want to even the score by finding ways to help the under-performing organs keep up through exercise and other means.

Among women, the most-feared anabolic steroids side effects are androgenic by nature, such as the squaring of the jaws, bulking up, having a manly voice, and excessive hair growth. There are some females though, who wish that such negative effects of steroids would be more pronounced. These desired side effects of anabolic steroids are often what tempt women down the path of overdose.

The irreversible nature of some of the negative effects of steroids are likewise an important consideration. This is rather like getting a tattoo, only to regret it later in life. Unfortunately, many consequences of taking anabolic substances may never be undone.

Fortunately, other steroids can counteract a number of unwanted side effects on the get-go. The unwanted development of feminine characteristics can be minimized by taking Proviron, Teslac or Fludestrin, which are considered anti-estrogens. In particular, the phenomenon of growing breasts among men as a result of taking steroids can be prevented by taking Nolvadex.

With regards to the unwelcome peaking of masculine characteristics among women, this is often caused by taking certain anabolic steroids for prolonged periods of time. Thus, such result can be easily arrested by going off cycle after say, six or twelve weeks.