Why Are Steroids Illegal?

There are many types of steroids on the market. They are commonly used by bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. Their main function is bodybuilding and improving endurance, but there are many others. Steroids are not available over the counter for a number of reasons. For one, they are illegal. People who need steroids for medical reasons, can only obtain them with a prescription. Even with a prescription, the doses you can access legally are very low. Compared to what fitness enthusiasts normally use, steroids for medical use are available at very low doses. You may be wondering – why are steroids illegal? Well, read on to find out.

i) Steroids Promote Unhealthy Competition

As mentioned earlier, steroids improve endurance. Athletes who use anabolic steroids can run longer distances faster. This means that athletes who use these banned substances are guaranteed to win any event they compete in provided the other athletes are clean. The IAAF and the IOC have stripped hundreds of athletes, who have won medals illegally, of their medals as a result of steroid use. Steroids have been banned and made illegal because they promote unhealthy competition in a variety of sporting disciplines.

ii) Steroids Give Athletes an Edge

Steroids are normally used by athletes to improve their strength. This is usually a result of muscle growth caused by a combination of a strict workout routine and steroid use. Steroids normally mimic the effects of testosterone. This means that they can restore youthful vigor and help to promote quick muscle growth. Athletes who are on steroids are usually stronger than other athletes, so there is no fair contest when the two categories of athletes compete in the same event.

iii) Steroids are Unsafe

It is important to note that steroids have a wide range of side effects. Kidney and liver damage are the most serious but there are many others. Heart disease is also a common side effect of steroids. Others include hair loss and severe acne breakouts. These side effects have contributed towards the banning of steroids. Long term use of steroids is known to cause man boobs to develop. Furthermore, they can cause mood swings and depression among other side effects. These are serious side effects that may pose a danger to your health. It is because of these safety issues that steroids have been banned throughout the United States.

iv) Lack of FDA Approval

The Food and Drug Administration is normally tasked with the responsibility of approving drugs and food items that are processed or manufactured. Unfortunately, all kinds of steroids do not have FDA approval, which means that these products are not necessarily safe. Any supplement, medication or food item that does not have FDA approval is illegal, and should not be distributed within the country’s borders.

v) Unhealthy

Steroids normally work by mimicking the side effects of testosterone. Long term use of these products may force the body to stop producing testosterone naturally. As a result, all the benefits of steroids will be quickly reversed after steroid use stops. For instance, your voice may change as you start speaking with a lower tone. Furthermore, you may develop man boobs, which is unsightly. This will defeat the purpose of using a steroids in the first place. Now that you know the truth about anabolic steroids, you are in a great position to make a well-informed decision.