What Do Steroids Do To You?

Steroids are drugs used by fitness enthusiasts, bodybuilders and sportsmen for a wide range of purposes. The two most popular types of steroids are anadrol and dianabol. So, what do steroids do to you? Well, for one, they alter how the body utilizes fats, sugars and other nutrients. Since they mimic the effects of testosterone, they can alter physiological processes and induce changes in the overall appearance of the body. The main goal of using these products is to improve your physique, strength and endurance.

Muscle Growth

Workout routines that involve a lot of weight training can help bodybuilders and athletes to increase their muscle mass. However, there is a limit to what you can achieve through weight training alone. If you want superior results, you need to use steroids to alter how the muscles respond to exercises. A few weeks of training while using anabolic steroids can produce great results. However, you still have to eat right because food is the source of the muscle-building nutrients that you need to increase your muscle mass.

Improves Endurance

Physical endurance is a factor of how efficient your body is when it comes to transporting oxygen to cells in different parts of the body and remove carbon dioxide. The faster the transport system, the higher your endurance will be. Months of cardio workouts can improve your fitness levels and boost your endurance, but there will be a limit to how far you can run, swim or engage in activities that require endurance. When you use anabolic steroids, you can solve this problem.

Steroids are normally used by patients who have anemia as it helps to increase the number of red blood cells in their body. It is therefore a sort of treatment for anemia. When used by fitness enthusiasts, steroids can increase the rate of production of red blood cells. This will go a long way in improving the endurance of the user. Please note that you will still need to engage in endurance-building activities, such as swimming, jogging and skipping rope to improve your physical endurance further.

Restoring Youthful Vigor

As mentioned earlier, steroids mimic the effects of testosterone hormone. Since men over 30 years normally have lower levels of this hormone, they may start losing their youthful vigor. Men usually have a number of options for restoring their testosterone hormone to healthy levels. For one, they can use testosterone booster supplements. Secondly, they can use testosterone replacements. The third option is to use anabolic steroids, which are known to have the same effects as testosterone. When used for bodybuilding and endurance-improvement, testosterone can also restore youthful vigor.

How to Safely Use Steroids

Steroids have a number of side effects some of which are quite serious. That is why users need to learn how to safely use steroids. There are usually three strategies for using steroids that can guarantee great results, but minimize the side effects. They include:

– Stacking: This is the use of several steroids and supplements at the same time. As a result, the side effects of these products may cancel out, thereby preventing or reducing side effects.
– Cycling: This is the use of steroids for a given period, then stopping and restarting. By taking breaks in-between cycles, the side effects can be reversed naturally.
– Post-Cycle Therapy: This is similar to cycling except for the fact that certain drugs are normally used to reverse the side effects of steroids during the break.