Top Five Safe Steroids

For a considerable long time, Steroids have acquired a very bad name and has been associated only with negative side effects. The international professional sports bodies have added to this bad name by banning the use of a wide range of steroids among professional athletes. These bans have illegalized the use of steroids in most athletics sports. However, the illegal status does not mean that steroids have no place in the sports nor mean that the steroid market has no safe steroids to assist in the achievement of your goals.

On the contrary, many steroids have proven to be safe and effective for long term use. Some have proven their usefulness in toning the muscles and have gone a step further to confirm their immense importance in repairing damaged muscles during rigorous physical activities. In fact, some safe steroids are the best in revamping muscle strengths within a short time. Additionally, some steroids are better off when you apply the correct amounts as supplements than even dieting and exercises. The major challenge lies in finding out which steroids are safe for use. To assist in sifting out the safe steroids from the rest, here is a list of top five safe steroids you can find in the market. However, be cautious that though called safe steroids, there are some side effects associated with these safe steroids.


Testosterone ranks as the safest steroid. It is a natural occurring compound making it easier for the body to absorb as a normal element in the system. A healthy human body produces a considerable amount of testosterone for various body functioning like defining sexual features and aggression.


Primobolan is among the weakest steroids with a very slim chance of causing major side effects. The mild effects make primobolan safe for the beginner athletes seeking to grasp the steroid landscape. This orally administered steroid contains methonolone acetate compound, known to have extremely mild, almost natural effects on the body.


Anavar is a great safe steroid for both men and women. It is popular for its tolerant nature with minimal side effects including mild effects on the body organs. Anavar is effective for female athletes and it has proven to have little or no effect on the sex organ and features. The mild effects of Anavar allows for an easy but gradual build up in the users’ body to an extent that the body can accommodate high intake levels in theĀ  future.


Masteron is among the few steroids not medically used to gain weight. This fact eliminates the fear of fat accumulation when on the path of building your muscles. Medically, this steroid is popular among medics for treatment of breast cancer. When using this safe steroid you will not have fears of estrogen effects on your body.


Deca-Durabolin is a great safe steroid for building up mass muscles. However, for effective results it should be restricted to experienced and stern body builders. This steroid is unique, as it requires both exercises and heavy dieting to bring it to actions.

Whatever goal you intend to achieve, always choose the steroids that are right for you depending with your body conditions and your exercise routines. Play close attention to the side effects weighing between the risk and the benefits of using the steroid.