TAIL ON THE TRAIL: Physical Fitness Initiatives

26 May
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TAIL ON THE TRAIL: Physical Fitness Initiatives
• To start evaluating the Trail on the Trail initiative, in June 2014, St. Luke’s Community Health Department conducted an online survey to
measure lifestyle changes as individuals participate in the TOT challenge via a pre-test. Below is the preliminary data from the pre-test.
In May 2013, St. Luke’s University Health Network (SLUHN) and Delaware & Lehigh National Heritage Corridor (D&L) part-
nered to bring the community a family fun initiative to get active called Get Your Tail on the Trail. By linking SLUHN healthy lifestyle
expertise with the recreational and heritage leadership of D&L, members of our community participated in a 165 mile challenge through
structured group and individual walk, bike and hike outings. The goal of this program is to connect people to the outstanding opportunities
along the D&L Trail while increasing health awareness and improving the health status of the community.
In the past 3 decades, adulthood obesity incidence has increased 100%. According to recent data from the National Center for
Health Statistics (NCHS), approximately one in five children in the US are now overweight. The number of overweight children has doubled
in the past two decades, leading to a generation at risk for cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and other serious health problems.
St. Luke’s is working closely with local schools, which many are Leaders in Me Schools, to engage students, faculty, staff and fa-
cilities to get active and join the Children’s 5,000 mile challenge. Each school that collectively logs at least 5,000 miles will receive a dona-
tion from St. Luke’s to purchase an item that promotes healthy living at the school. Schools from five of the area districts are participating
in the 5,000 mile challenge.

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• Schools Participating in the Children’s 5,000 mile challenge
• The first initial challenge started in May 2013 through October 2013. Due to the huge demand of the community, St. Luke’s
and the Delaware & Lehigh National Heritage Corridor created a mini challenge for the winter. Below are the milestones of
the program:
Report Submitted in 2014
We continue to grow the program and focus on making it a community wide fitness initiative.
Bethlehem Area School District
Donegan Elementary School
Fountain Hill Elementary School
Lincoln Elementary School
William Penn Elementary School
Allentown School District
Union Terrance Elementary School
Salisbury School District
Western Salisbury Elementary School
Harry S. Truman Elementary School
Bangor School District
DeFranco Elementary School
Washington Elementary School
Five Points Elementary School
Panther Valley School District
Panther Valley Elementary School
Lehigh Valley Academy – Charter School
165 Mile Challenge
(May 2013– October 2013)
255,000 miles logged by 2,255 participants
Most miles logged by an individual – 2,244
900 participants completed the full 165 mile challenge
1,600 participants continue to log miles beyond 165 mile challenge end date
30/30 Winter Mini-Challenge
(January 28, 2014– February 28, 2014)
44,051 miles logged by 582 participants
347 participants logged between 30-89 miles
235 participants logged over 90 miles
Fiscal Year 2013-2014
161,608 miles logged by 3015 participants

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