Positive Effects Of Steroids In The Body

Steroids have had a negative publicity due to their misuse, illegal use, and adverse outcomes. Perhaps the drugs have fairly attracted a bad name, but there is another side of the story, the positive effects of steroids. With proper and regulated administration of steroids, more and more favorable and desirable outcomes are being reported. Contemporary steroids have been shown to display a pretty good safety profile, thus increasing their use. Below are some of the positive effects of steroids:

Masculine Properties

Men are increasingly using steroids for the drug’s attractive androgenic and virilizing characteristics. This property of steroids lead to users developing more skeletal muscles, and increases their strength, a male characteristic that appeals to men and women alike. Steroids also enhance the growth of vocal cords in males leading to a deepened voice. They also increase the growth of more body hair on the face and the chest, a feature associated with males.

Increases Performance

The use of steroids has been shown to maximize performances in various fields, including sporting activities. Consumers of steroid supplements will not fatigue easily, as the drugs increase energy levels and increase the delivery of oxygen into muscles which is essential for energy production. Steroids also increase body strength, thereby enabling an individual to achieve more in terms of work done.

Enhances Bone Growth

Use of these substances has been shown to intensify bone growth as one of the positive effects of steroids. This property has been shown to aid those suffering from bone associated diseases such as osteoporosis, which is an ailment that causes a decrease in bone density.

Sex Drive

A lot of people in the world today report a decrease in their sex drives. Many men suffer in silence, while others try numerous remedies without much success. Using steroids has been medically proven to increase libido, heighten sexual arousal, and enhance sexual performance. When properly used, steroids also augment sexual performances in the aging males.

Induce Puberty

Some of the medically useful applications of steroid drugs is the induction of puberty in boys. In a therapeutic sense, boys who have attained and surpassed the pubertal age with minimal or no body changes can get help from steroids. When administered correctly, they help trigger body changes that are commensurate with puberty, including a break in their voices, increase growth of pubic and facial hair, and development of attraction towards the opposite sex.

Cure Chronic Fatigue

Steroids have been shown to alleviate suffering brought by long standing unexplained body fatigue, a condition known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The patient usually experiences muscle aches, multiple joint pains, muscular weakness, and a constant need to take a rest after minimal exertion. After using anabolic steroids for a period of time, such individuals report less symptoms, are able to breath better, and can engage in more demanding activities, a fete they could not previously accomplish.

Better Health

Steroids have been credited with the property to burn fat deposits in the body thus giving an individual a lean body. On the other hand, steroids are also known to enhance appetite, especially for people who are sick and experience poor appetite. These people are thereby able to eat properly and regain good health, becoming more productive members of the society. Other health related positive effects of steroids include better focused minds and prevention of depression among vulnerable individuals.