Immune Defence Lozenges Review

The immune system is a network of tissues, cells, and organs that protect your body. It is the responsibility of the immune system to tell your body what it needs and what it does not. In some instances, like primary immunodeficiency, your immune system does not work correctly, or it is missing. For healthy people responds to pathogens like viruses, parasites, and bacteria that threaten your health. This Immune Defence review will provide great insight since the immune system is complex, and it is the first line of defense.

What is Immune Defence lozenges?


A Swiss research lab ltd manufactures Immune Defence. Hence you can rest assured that the medicines are scientifically made, creating a health-boosting product you can trust.

The lozenges help ramp up and strengthen your immune system. You should buy Lozenges as the immune system plays a vital role in your wellbeing and overall health. When your immunity is weak, it cannot ward off viruses, pollutants, toxins, and bacteria. That is when you feel run down and get sick.

You need to make your immune system secure by taking the lozenges. The medicines are small Lozenges that you ingest orally. You can quickly get information about them in the many Immune Defence reviews online. They have essential antioxidant vitamins. Taking these Lozenges will help a lot in boosting your immune system.

However, you need to know they do not work immediately. Your organism needs time to break down the Lozenges and get the vitamin to work. It is not like IV, which pushes the supplements straight into your bloodstream, causing an immediate effect.

Why is it popular?

The lozenges are helpful if you want to stay healthy and wade off diseases. The Lozenges are easy to access. You can buy them online or order them from your local pharmacy. The Lozenges are also straightforward to administer. You consume them orally, and they dissolve in the mouth quickly.

Besides, they are sweet or tasty; hence small children can use them. They have all the oxidation vitamins you need in one Lozenge. They have vitamins like vitamin C, which is an immune booster, Vitamin B, which supports biochemical reactions in your immune system and Vitamin E, which is a potent antioxidant and helps the body fight infections.

The Lozenges also work very fast compared to natural methods. Once you ingest them, it only takes a few hours before they reach your bloodstream. The Lozenges do not have many side effects, and you can take them even without a doctor’s prescription.

What are the ingredients?

To boost your Immune Defence 2020, you need to use Lozenges that have supplements. They have antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins.

Vitamins E and C are also plenty in the lozenges. The vitamins destroy radicals in the blood and improve your body’s natural immune system. Vitamin D, which reduces the risk of getting viral infections such as respiratory tract infections, is also an ingredient. Vitamin D reduces the production of pro-inflammatory compounds that cause infections.

Also, beta-carotene is a powerful antioxidant that boosts your immune functions and reduces inflammation. Beta-carotene increases the number of white blood cells in your body.

The Lozenges have Zinc, which boosts the white blood cells as they fight pathogens, viruses, and bacteria that may attack your body.

Benefits of Immune Defence lozenges

• Increases the number of white blood cells
The immune system is a system of organs that protects your body against any invasion by pathogens. The Lozenges increase the number of white blood cells in your body. There are two types of white blood cells, the lymphocytes, and the phagocytes.

The phagocytes will eat up any organism that may invade your body, while the lymphocytes help your body to remember invaders and get rid of them.

• Protects the spleen
The spleen is an essential organ in the human body. It is the largest lymphatic organ in humans. The organ just below the ribs is where most of the leucocytes and lymphocytes replenish.

• Neutralizes toxins
By using the Immune Defence medicines, your body can neutralize toxins. Your body may produce the toxins, or they might be from the environment. When the Lozenges neutralize the toxins, white blood cells kick in and eliminate them.

The lozenges also activate proteins in the body known as “complement, “which is part of the immune system. The complements kill infected cells, viruses, and bacteria.

• Improves passive and adaptive immunity
Your body “borrows” passive immunity from another source, and it only lasts for a few days. Lozenges help boost your passive immunity. Your body develops adaptive immunity throughout your life.

Lozenges help your body when the bone marrow is not able to produce enough white blood cells.

Side effects of Immune Defence lozenges

• Dependence
By using the Lozenges creates dependency. Your body becomes accustomed to them so much that it cannot function correctly without them. The body becomes used to boosted supplements, and the bone marrow does not produce enough white blood cells.

• Drug tolerance
Over usage of the Lozenges for a long time makes your body tolerant to the drug. Tolerance to the prescription means that after some time, the body will derive no benefits from the drug.

How is it administered/taken?

You take the Lozenge orally every 2 hours. Each Lozenge contains 2.5mg of vitamin C. It also has elemental Zinc at 3.5mg (35%). Do not take more than more than four Lozenges in a day. You should suck one Lozenge after ever two hours. Once it is in the mouth, saliva dissolves it, and it starts to release medicine into the body. It is supposed to dissolve slowly, and the effects do not kick off immediately.

The lozenges contain eucalyptus or menthol, which helps soothe and cool your throat.

Who is suitable to take the Immune Defence lozenges?

There are different types of persons who can boost their immune system with the lozenges. People who have underlying medical diseases, such as kidney or liver disease, diabetes, cancer, HIV or AIDS, alcoholism, are more likely to have a suppressed immune system. They are among the group of people that need to take immune Lozenges to boost their immune system.

People who have been using drugs for a long time have weak immunity. Certain potent drugs harm your immune system, and you should boost your immunity using lozenges.

The immune system gets weak as we age. The elderly have a weak immune system as compared to the middle age people. The older people are also suitable to take the medicines to boost their immune system.

Young children may also need to boost their immune system. The adaptive immune system of your body develops over time. Children may boost their adaptive immunity by taking lozenges.

How and where can you buy Immune Defence lozenges?

It is effortless to get Immune Defence for sale. Many online shops sell the drug. One shop that sells the Lozenges is They offer various packages depending on your needs. It is cheap, and the delivery is fast. You can also purchase it over the counter at a physical store in your locality.

The drug does not require a prescription from a physician, but you should not overuse or misuse the medicine.

Do they deliver and how fast?

The answer is yes. will deliver your Lozenges fast. They also offer free shipping, and if for any reason the product does not satisfy your needs, you can return it unopened and unused. You will get a one hundred percent refund on your money.


The Immune Defence reviewed above boosts your systems to protect you from foreign bodies and diseases that may harm you. You need it to function correctly to ensure you go on with your daily activities without any hitch. Using Immune Defence is a great way to boost your immunity and stay healthy.