How Steroids Work?

You have probably heard steroids discussed ad nauseum in the news if you are a sports fan at all. You know that athletes have broken the regulations of their sport and chosen to take steroids for their physical benefits. That’s probably all you wanted to know since you weren’t interested in them at this point. Maybe your favorite athlete got suspended as a result of using them and that piqued your interest. Want some information on how steroids work? Here it is.

There are many different kinds of steroids. The most popular is anabolic steroids. How do anabolic steroids work? Well, to put it simply, they act as a production agent for testosterone in the body. This is the male hormone. It does appear in both male and female bodies, but it is more prevalent in males.

There are two kinds of effects that every steroid displays androgenic and anabolic.

Anabolic benefits usually result in the growth of muscle to some degree. Depending on the level of anabolic content, it promotes lean or bulk muscle growth.

Androgenic rewards usually come in the promotion of growth or the advancement of puberty. Anabolic steroids are commonly prescribed to younger children, especially males, that are slower than their peers when it comes to growth and physical development.


Anabolic steroids are given by doctors to patients as a prescription for a wide variety of different uses. There are the growth benefits discussed above. Also, these steroids might be prescribed to patients that have just gotten out of a serious surgery. This helps them stave off infection and promotes the growth and strengthening of damaged or underused muscles in the body.


Anabolic steroids are most commonly used by bodybuilders, usually during the cutting cycle. There are types of cycles with regards to steroids; the cutting cycle and the bulking. The names should make it obvious, but the cutting cycle is designed to help people cut fat without losing lean muscle mass. Bulking cycles clearly are designed to help individuals gain large muscle mass.

How do anabolic steroids to this? Well, for one, they are a primary ingredient in the aiding of protein synthesis. Protein synthesis is the very thing that helps the body develop bulk muscle.

Anabolic steroids also promote the production of red cells, the cells responsible for carrying oxygen to the muscles in the body. When your body starts to fatigue, it is the result of your muscles not getting enough oxygen. Increased production of red blood cells leads to the body being able to work longer. It also helps muscles heal faster. Turnaround time between workouts can be much shorter.

Men vs Women

The side effects on men are less severe than when the substance is ingested by a female. This is especially true when it comes to androgenic side effects. These are the effects that cause women to grow body hair where they don’t want to and develop other seemingly male physical characteristics. Any woman who starts to see these should stop taking steroids immediately. The negative side effects will disappear in a short time.

In short, steroids work by increasing the synthesis of protein in your body’s muslces. They also aid in nitrogen retention and the creation of red blood cells. Anabolic steroids are the first choice for bodybuilders trying to chisel their bodies and professional athletes attempting to increase the speed, strength, and endurance.