How Are Steroids Taken: The Most Popular Cycles

How are steroids taken?

Normally, steroids are taken in cycles and in combinations, also known as stacking. Cycling steroids mean that you take the drug or drugs (if you are stacking) for a period of time, then stop for some time to let your body recover from the side effects of using steroids, and then start another cycle. Stacking, on the other hand, refers to the process of combining two or more variants of steroids during a single cycle. Athletes and bodybuilders use stacking or combinations in a bid to optimize the results they are hoping to gain from their use.

Before we move further with different stacking and cycling methods, it must be mentioned that if someone is taking steroid for the very first time, he must never stack. And that he should maintain a strict testosterone-only routine for his first cycle, which also must never exceed 12 weeks. It is just as important to learn that those who use steroids regularly also use, in addition to maintaining a proper diet, a number of supplements to minimize the side effects of using steroids. Supplements are used both during the cycle and in the post-cycle periods.

Once you have been through several cycles (all of 12-week periods), you may try out different cycling and stacking routines. Some of the most popular cycles/routines include the 3-week blitz, the diamond cycle and the inverted pyramid cycle, and the double-mini cycle.

3-Week Blitz
This cycle last for 12 weeks with a one-week recovery period that falls between the seventh and the ninth week. During the cycle, you take each steroid for a period of three weeks. However, there is also overlapping involved. It goes like this that you start with your first steroid or dose and continue taking it for the first two weeks. At the end of the second week, you start taking the second dose while also continuing the first dose for another week. Similarly, the next dose is started during the third week of using the second steroid, and so on. At the end of the cycle, there must be a two-week recovery period before you begin the next cycle.

The diamond and the inverted pyramid cycle

Pyramiding is another important concept involved with steroid use. In pyramiding, you start with a smaller dose (made of one or more variants) and then gradually increase it until you reach a peak, and then stop. Among pyramiding, the diamond cycle is popular with many users. Like the blitz, the diamond routine lasts for 12 weeks during which you start with a small dose, then increase it gradually to a very high dose, and then taper off again to where you started. By contrast, in an inverted pyramid cycle, the user starts with a very high dose and then gradually tapers the dose off to a very small amount. Compared to other cycles, this lasts for a significantly less amount of time (normally eight weeks) and is especially favored by elite athletes who need to undergo urine testing, and as such, require that there is very little steroid in their system at that particular point of time.

Double-Mini Cycle

In this routine, the first mini cycle lasts for six weeks during which the user can stack three or more dosages. At the end of the first cycle, there comes a two-week recovery period. The second cycle lasts for another six weeks during which the user continues with the same compounds and in the same dosages. A two-month recovery period must follow upon the completion of the cycle.