Managing Your Clenbuterol Cycle

Clenbuterol CycleClenbuterol, commonly called Clen, is a fat burner of choice among the bodybuilders and athletes seeking to shed off excess fats through dieting and cardio activities. Although Clenbuterol is not a steroid, it is famed for possessing both thermogenic and anti-catabolic properties. The thermogenic properties enable accelerated fat loss by increasing the core temperatures of the body, leading to an increase in calories usage. Usually, a one unit’s increase in core temperature leads to a 4 to 5 percent increase in calorie usage. In the medical world, Clen is useful in the treatment of asthma and other breathing conditions. Its anti-catabolic properties prevents the breakdown of muscles

Cycle Dosage

Clen is available in many varying forms. However, the popular mode of administering this stimulant is via tablet dosage, quantified in micrograms. For maximum results, Clenbuterol cycles should be short as this potent stimulator causes a down-regulation of body receptors within a very short period. The short Clen cycles are also necessary given Clen’s relatively high 36 60 48 hours half–life, which leaves a high concentration of the drug-running couple of days after the last uptake.

When planning for Clenbuterol cycle take into accounts that, the long half-life may require longer breaks from the cycle to allow enough time for the suppressed receptors to rise again. It is highly recommended to take ten to fourteen days off between the Clenbuterol cycles. Each cycle should only last for a maximum two weeks. Like all other cycles, discipline is key to the achievement of best results.

For the first time users who do not know their body tolerance to Clen, it is advisable to start with a lower dosage, raising it slowly on a daily basis within the first two week cycle until you discover the right tolerance level. A safe start would be a modest 20 mcg tablet as a starting dose on the first day of the Glen cycle. Increase the daily dosage by one 20 mcg tablet until the body can accommodate the maximum 120 to 140 mcg or 6 to 7 tablet dose is reached before taking a two-week break. On the first day after resuming your Clen cycle, start off with a higher dosage close to the previous cycle’s maximum. Increase the daily dosage by single tablet until you reach the maximum dosage.

The combined bi-weekly on and off clenbuterol cycles should only go on for a maximum of 12 weeks and a minimum of 10 weeks. At the end of the 12-week cycle, take a long extended break from the stimulant. These cycles work perfectly well with athletes using Clen during summer in combination with other diets and rigorous training schedule.

Combining with other stimulants

Given that Clenbuterol is fast in causing a down-regulation of the vital receptors, users have to limit the drug’s active time using an antihistamine such as Ketotifen and limiting the daily Clen intake to between four and five tablets. Usually, Ketotifen is useful in treating red eyes caused by an allergic reaction but is also effective in stopping the down-regulation of receptors caused by Clen. By taking a daily 3 mg Ketotifen dose, you can eliminate the need for the short breaks from the Clen cycles. The dose also intensifies Clen’s effectiveness on your body.

Side effects

It would be unwise not to mention some of the likely side effects of using Clenbuterol. These effects may occur in isolation or a combined series. They include high blood pressure and a sharp rise in the heart rate. Occasional nausea, nervousness, and headaches, muscle cramps, and shaking hands are other common side effects.