What Benefits Do Nitric Oxide Supplements Really Offer?

NO2According to bodybuilding experts, the swollen feeling one gets after lifting weights has benefits that go beyond vanity. It can help you accumulate more mass by enhancing protein synthesis and minimizing the breakdown of muscles. But what if you aren’t getting the desired results from your workout routine, even after working hard in the gym and eating all the right foods?

Nitric oxide supplements can help you beat the fitness plateau that’s keeping you from achieving your workout goals. These products have become increasingly popular in recent years. You’ll often find them being marketed as performance aids that cause pronounced muscle pumps, thanks to enhanced blood flow. So what benefits could you reap from incorporating a nitric oxide supplement into your fitness strategy?

Increased Recovery Rates

If you find that the effort you’re putting in the gym is taking a such a huge toll on you that it takes you several days to recover, nitric oxide supplements could help. No2 will enhance the rate of blood flow to tissues. This is done by encouraging smooth muscles to relax, thus allowing more oxygen to be delivered to your working muscles.

It’s well known that getting plenty of nutrients to muscle tissues after an intense workout is vital in ensuring a speedy recovery. Only after taking care of this aspect will you see the impact of the supplement. As such, you need to take a proper post-workout shake and a meal as well.

Rapid recovery translates to more frequent workout sessions, which in turn means better results. Still, you need to allow your muscles to recover fully. So if you hope to exercise more often, make this element one of your priorities.

Less Fatigue When Performing Higher Reps

When performing weight-lifting exercises, the body rapidly uses up oxygen. And if the rate of resupply can’t keep up, lactic acid starts accumulating in the muscle tissue. This usually generates a high level of fatigue. The fatigue is often felt as a burning sensation which could cause you to stop exercising for a while.

The effect of lactic acid buildup is more pronounced when attempting higher rep protocols. A nitric oxide supplement will facilitate the delivery of more oxygen to tissues. This reduces the amount of lactic acid that accumulates, which then lowers the level of fatigue one experiences.

Enhancing Endurance

While nitric oxide supplements are often viewed as strength aids, they could still be of benefit to endurance athletes. The amount of oxygen that reaches muscle tissues is a huge factor in determining performance in extended physical activities. If more oxygen is availed to your tissues, you’ll be able to work out for longer without getting exhausted.

If you’re training for an endurance event at high altitude, you should strongly consider supplementing with NO2. At these heights, the diminished ability to take in oxygen is highly noticeable. By using the supplement, you’ll be able to offset the oxygen deficit, so it feels more like your familiar training environment.

More Energy

This is a vital, albeit indirect, impact of nitric oxide supplements. The enhanced blood flow enables you to maintain optimal balance in your core temperature. During an intense workout session, the body will be working hard to cool the tissues. This process is made easier when there’s more flow of blood. As such, less work is needed to accomplish this goal, which means that more energy is available for exercise.

Increased Glucose Utilization

If you’re looking to burn off body fat, you may want to consider using an NO2 supplement. Studies suggest that these supplements enhance the rate of glucose clearance. This clearly demonstrates the impact of these products in not only delivering glucose to muscle cells but also using it up quickly. Besides, the supplements also support the increase of non-esterified fatty acid concentration in the body, which potentially points to the burning up of fat as fuel. Individuals seeking to burn body fat could, therefore, benefit from these substances.

The Best Nitric Oxide Supplements

Foods like spinach, nuts, and fruits are some of the best sources of nitric oxide. You could, however, opt for the supplementation route to plug in the gaps in your current diet. While supplements aren’t as potent as food-based NO boosters, they offer a more immediate effect. Some of the supplements include:

-L-Citrulline and L-Arginine: The former is an excellent option since it causes a prolonged increase in NO2 levels. While arginine supplements have a less pronounced effect, they’re still convenient sources, since they have minimal side effects.

-Niacin: This promotes the formation of nitric synthase, a substance that raises the baseline levels of NO.

-Resveratrol: This is a flavonoid that can stimulate NO2 synthase enzyme as well as stimulate the production of nitric oxide.

-Grape Seed Extract: Studies indicate that grape seed extracts possess the ability to enhance NO2 synthase activity by as much as 140%. Grape seed extracts also enhance blood flow in arteries, as well as boosting levels of testosterone.

-Quercetin: This compound can be found in garlic, onions, grapes and apples. It’s known to work very well in conjunction with other supplements and flavonoids as well.

How Safe are Nitric Oxide Supplements?

NO2 supplements are sold by many different manufacturers. Because the industry isn’t tightly regulated, it’s quite hard to say how safe any particular product is. Still, you need to examine the reputation of dealers as you search for the best nitric oxide supplement in the market. Keep in mind that prices often have little to do with quality. You should speak to a specialist who is well-versed in this area of recommendations on nitric oxide supplements.

If you want to take your workouts to the next level, consider using nitric oxide supplements. Your best bet would be to invest in a good stack that contains NO2 supplements. This way, you’ll be able to reap the benefits offered by different products. Just remember to consult your physician before purchasing; get a full-body checkup and discuss your medical history to see if past or present conditions would pose any side effects. Once your doctor gives you the green light, there’s nothing to stop you from taking advantage of a good nitric oxide supplement.