Different Anabolic Supplements And The Consideration Of Their Use

Those interested in building the most spectacular bodies sometimes use anabolic supplements in order to increase their gains. In general, most bodybuilders are not satisfied with the natural growth of muscles gained solely through exercise and so use some form of supplements in order to increase their muscle mass even further. While there are some legal issues regarding some of these, other supplements are perfectly legal and acceptable; it is just a matter of knowing which are which.

Steroid-based anabolic supplements are generally considered illegal for most users, and their use is debated due to their potential health hazards. Steroids are considered a Class III restricted drug, and are only available through prescription, and bodybuilding is not usually considered an acceptable use. If the user does not have a prescription then the person can be arrested for illegal possession of a controlled substance. There are also a number of potential health issues involved making them debatable even beyond their legal status.  Because of the combination of legal and medical issues, potential users are suggested to make absolutely sure before using them.

Human growth hormone, or HGH, is another class of anabolic supplements. While they may not as illegal, as they are banned only in some areas rather than universally illegal, some competitions ban their use. While doctors prescribe them for some perfectly legitimate medical issues, some doctors will prescribe them for off-label uses such as increased muscle development and anti-aging. The FDA has no proof that HGH supplements have any of these additional advantages, and caution people against using them in order to gain those advantages given the potential health risks. Along with steroids if they are used it is important to make sure that the source is clean in order to avoid other potential issues, such as the possibility of tainted drugs or infections.

There is also a class of anabolic supplements that meet the FDA definitions of such. These anabolic supplements are composed of all natural ingredients, and are generally not subject to FDA testing. This means that the users of these supplements must be especially careful as there are no real ways to predict what side effects may occur. As such potential users are cautioned to keep track of their health and to discuss potential problems with their doctors if any untoward effects appear. It should be noted that some of these anabolic supplements may actually have no effect so users are encouraged to track results in order to ensure that they are having some effect.

Potential users are advised against using anabolic supplements in order to increase muscle growth. There are a number of potential health risks, especially for teenage athletes due to their growing bodies and fluctuating hormone levels. If you do use anabolic supplements make sure that they are for the reasons for which they were intended in order to avoid potential health risks. At the very least do so under medical supervision in order to avoid risks and to limit the effects should something bad happen. While it may be difficult to get the same results, more intense workout and proper diet can go a long ways to getting the same results, albeit at a much slower rate. Regardless of how you do it, make sure that you lift weights safely, and that means much more than just lifting with your knees.