Everything You Should Know About ACP-105 SARM

Getting shredded takes a solid amount of time and effort. However, there are quite a few people who just do not gain any significant muscle despite all their efforts. And then there are bodybuilders who plateau or tend to stop gaining muscle after a certain point. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced bodybuilder, you would need some outside help. ACP 105 SARM offers you that much-needed assistance. In this article, we’ll take a deep-dive into ACP-105 SARM, learn everything that there is to this compound and ascertain whether it’s right for you.

What is ACP-105 SARM?


ACP-105 SARM (selective androgenetic receptor modulator) is a compound that was primarily devised to treat degenerative bone issues, such as arthritis and osteoporosis. However, it’s also known for increasing muscle mass, which is the reason why it has gained so much traction among bodybuilders and other fitness enthusiasts. Unlike steroids, this non-steroidal compound is extremely safe to help put on those lean muscles, besides increasing strength and endurance. And the fact that it presents little to no side effects has caused it to gain a lot of traction within training circles.

Working Mechanism

ACP-105 works by mimicking the functions of testosterone, an androgen. It binds with androgen receptors selectively, working on the different receptors individually. This means ACP only does what it’s supposed to do and also doesn’t damage your organs and their vital functions in the process.

ACP brings down HDL (high-density lipoprotein) levels while enhancing fat-free mass. This helps grow muscles without putting on fat or becoming obese. And since ACP doesn’t aromatize like steroids, there is no unprecedented hike in estrogen levels and also zero water retention. ACP interferes with the hypothalamus-pituitary axis’ negative feedback loop. This causes a spike in testosterone levels in your body.

This explains why SARMs – when used for extended time periods – disrupt your hormonal balance and lead to testosterone suppression. PCTs, however, come to the rescue by correcting everything. Long story short, ACP does the work expected of it. It helps you achieve the necessary muscle growth while maintaining optimal health.


Like other SARMs, ACP offers a host of benefits. The following are some of its major takeaways.

• Prods your body to eliminate abnormal or excess fat. The human body has three kinds of fats: reserve, structural, and abnormal. While the first two are healthy, abnormal fat is not, and it’s also extremely stubborn. ACP ensures that you get rid of the stubborn fat by burning it every time your body needs energy.

• Mitigates muscle wastage, besides promoting muscle growth. This attribute renders the compound suitable for treating various bone disorders.

• It helps you recover from exhaustion and injuries quickly. You would not get easily fatigued anymore with ACP-105 watching your back.

• It supplies your body with an immense amount of strength and stamina. This means you would benefit from much longer endurance and will be able to train for a few more hours without easily getting tired.

• Significantly enhances cognitive and memory skills by boosting your androgenic receptor (AR) levels in the hippocampus area of your brain.

• Despite being a SARM and relatively less potent, ACP starts to work right from your very first dosage. You would see major lean muscle mass improvements within a week or two of administering the drug. In just 30 days, you should have anywhere between six to 10 pounds in increased muscle mass.

• Compared to most popular testosterone pills, ACP is 66 percent stronger. Not to mention, it is considered safer compared to androgenic anabolic steroids.

• Could potentially cure severe illnesses and cancers, such as breast and prostate cancer. However, get in touch with your doctor before administering ACP-105 for its anti-cancer benefits.

• Since the drug doesn’t aromatize or causes large fluctuations in your testosterone production, it would not lead to water retention problems, which anabolic steroids cause.

Side Effects

Any food, supplement, or drug you ingest would present certain side effects. For instance, ginger is great for your body. But if you consume too much of the hot, fragrant spice, it will lead to multiple side effects, such as abdominal discomfort, increased bleeding tendency, heartburn, diarrhea, etc. Similarly, despite being extremely beneficial, ACP-105, too, could cause certain side effects when ingested in large doses or incorrectly. The following are some of its side effects.

• A mild headache that usually happens when you first start administering the product. The headache should stop after your body gets acclimatized to the drug. Also, administering doses higher than normal for an extended time period would cause constant headaches.

• A minor suppression in your testosterone levels. This slight dip usually occurs during the seventh or eighth week of using the drug. Right around that time period, you should stop your cycle. If you do, you shouldn’t experience this testosterone fall.

• You could experience occasional nausea and fatigue, particularly around the seventh or eighth week. Again, the issue could be prevented if you don’t extend your cycle too much and break into your PCT (post cycle therapy) at the right time.

Kindly note, the side effects mentioned above are not permanent or irreversible. Your body should feel refreshed and rejuvenated once you enter the PCT phase. This is usually not the case with anabolic steroids. Also, the side effects are significantly milder or not debilitating as the negative effects usually associated with anabolic steroids. Steroids could cause pretty major and irreversible symptoms such as damage to the kidneys and liver, testicle shrinkage, and hair growth in undesired parts of the body.


ACP should always be taken after a meal. And if you are planning to hit the gym, make sure you administer the drug at least 30 minutes before you head out or start working out. As far as actual quantities go, they vary between men and women. Women should ideally take 5mg a day for eight weeks. Men, on the other hand, can increase the dosage amount to 10mg and can continue the phase for anywhere between eight and 12 weeks. If you administer increased amounts of the drug and/or for periods beyond what’s advised, the side effects would crop up.

Stacking and PCT

While ACP-105 would help you bulk and cut all by itself, you may stack it with other SARMs for increased and/or accelerated results. Stack ACP based on your specific requirements. For instance, if you would like to bulk, stack the drug with LGD 4033. You could also stack it with MK 677 for the purpose. If you intend to cut down, Ostarine MK 2866 and ACP are a potent team. Compared to any other SARM, MK 2866 boosts fat loss the best.

As mentioned above, you certainly require a PCT after having been on ACP for a period of seven to eight weeks. Besides seeing a dip in your testosterone levels, you would also experience exhaustion and nausea at this point. If you develop such signs, it’s a sign that you should stop administering ACP and start the PCT cycle right away.

ACP-105, unlike steroids, isn’t very potent. It’s a partial agonist. This means you need not use Clomid, Nolvadex, or other powerful PCTs. You may use Red PCT, a product made from natural ingredients only – such as luteolin, sports, grape seed extract, resveratrol, etc. Use the PCT for a four-week period to derive maximum benefits from it.

Buy ACP-105

ACP, like any other SARM, should be purchased from reputed sellers. You could head to the SARMs store to buy authentic and the best ACP 105 for sale. These stores also put ACP-105 for sale every now and then. If you would like to buy the best ACP-105 for the best price possible, buy it when it is ACP105 for sale. The drug comes in different sizes and quantities. For instance, you could buy an ACP-105 5mg bottle with 90 capsules.

ACP 105 FAQs

• Is ACP 105 legal?

The FDA doesn’t approve any SARM, including ACP-105, despite its multiple positives. The research is still on to ascertain how effective and non-harmful the drug would be when used for a prolonged time period. Anecdotal evidence, however, indicates that there have been no irreversible harmful effects from long-term ACP usage. Perhaps, the FDA should take some cue from these pieces of real-life evidence.

• What makes SARM superior to anabolic steroids?

Anabolic steroids are highly potent and certainly offer quicker muscle growth than pretty much any other product in its league. However, steroids are also fraught with some major side effects. For instance, they could interfere with the functioning of some of your vital organs, such as your liver and kidneys. Males who use steroids for a considerable amount of time could develop male breasts (gynecomastia) and also experience shrinkage of their testicles. Quite a few even lose scalp hair, while growing hair in other parts of the body.

SARMs, on the contrary, work selectively on your androgen receptors and do not mess with your vital organs or their environments. You could notice a headache, nausea, and testosterone suppression – but those are not significant and also not permanent. Long story short, SARMs are a lot safer than anabolic steroids, and they also do not compromise much on the results front.

• Can people with underlying medical conditions use SARMs?

People who are diabetic, have a heart condition, or any other major health issue are advised to administer SARM only after having consulted their doctors. Though there are some reports that denote SARMs help with bringing down your blood sugar levels, the verdict is still out. Therefore, do not prematurely assume ACP-105 or any other SARM would help you manage or even cure your diabetes.

• Is ACP 105 the only SARM for muscle growth?

SARM is a novel group of drugs – ACP 105 being one among the class. As far as SARMs for muscle growth is concerned, there are quite a few other options – MK 2866 and RAD 140, for instance. There is no best SARM for muscle growth since different people and their different metabolisms may work in their own way. However, people who use ACP for muscle growth swear by the drug.


ACP-105 is a solid purchase if you’d like to become stronger, muscular, and healthier safely. Though it isn’t as potent as a steroid, administering proper doses of it should help you get the results you need. Kindly note, ACP – or any other SARM for that matter – cannot do the job all by itself. You would need to back it up with exercise and a proper diet. Not to mention, you can use ACP for both cutting and bulking.