8 Things Only Serious Lifters Know

29 Apr

When you were beginning your lifting journey, you did not know nearly as much as you do now. You never would have thought to search for steroids for sale, check protein content in every piece of food you put in your body or have even bothered with sweating for hours on in just for a little rip-action. But then it happened… you caught the bug and now, you LOVE it. For all you hardcore heavyweights out there, here are 8 things that only serious lifters know…

Facebook Doesn’t Define Your Workout.

Facebook? Who has that kind of time on their hands? You hate social media and do not consider your workout a failure simply because you forgot to update your Facebook status. However, you do understand that some guys feel working out is a waste of time because they failed to let their friends know they were doing it. You get absolutely no street cred for lifting when you need to tell people with WORDS that you are at the gym. Shut up. Get off your phone and show them with your muscles.

You Know Lifting Takes More Than Muscle.

Hobbyists have yet to discover the key to growing and you remember when you were just as na├»ve. You know that protein shakes are vital, rest days are too and so are legal steroids that can carry you to the next level of growing bigger. You also know that you have to think like a bodybuilder to become one. From oral steroids to protein shakes, rest days to maxing out days… it all matters a lot.

You Feel Homicidal When Someone is Talking on Their Phone on the Bench.

Buy Steroids OnlineSeriously. Stop doing that, people. There is just something so annoying about the guy who is wasting your time by laying down on the bench and talking to his girlfriend about how many reps he has done. We have been watching you the whole time dude-on-the-bench and the whole time you were talking to your girlfriend and telling her lies. In fact, you are sitting on a bench of lies. So move – but you do get extra points for keeping that game on point though.

You Are Not Offended When People Think You Are Doing Steroid Tablets.

This phrase only offends the lightweights. Oral steroids can help you grow into a giant and we do mean giant. Why this is offensive to people, we do not really know why. When someone says, “Hey, big guy – you must be on the best steroids ever,” – we say “Thanks.” Your statement tells us that you think we are Hulk level huge and that you are crazy-impressed. So you just keep on asking us where we get our steroids online as if it is some taboo, illegal thing and we will just keep getting a big ego over it. It works. It’s legal. Get over yourself.

Form is More Important Than The Weight You Are Lifting.

A lot of beginners want to start big. The problem is that when you start too big, you never quite get the feel of good form… and if you have no clue how to obtain good form then you will either a) kill yourself trying, b) drop something on your foot/head or c) loose a good portion of the benefits of all that hard work. Most often, it is all of the above. Form is so important for many reasons. It keeps your muscles engaged in the correct movement. It prevents you from injuring yourself and it makes your workouts more effective. If you are hoping to keep growing, do yourself a favor and ease into things to learn the ropes. This foundation will make the rest of your future workouts extremely beneficial.

If You Do Not Rest You Are Setting Yourself Up For Failure.

So many new lifters catch the bodybuilding bug, fall in love with lifting and then proceed to over-train. Overtraining can squash results and set you up for a trip to the doctor’s office, ER or sofa for 8 days. 2 to 3 days of rest in between weight lifting allows your body to recover. Your body needs this time to repair muscle. What most people do not understand is that when they are resting they should not feel guilty. Rest is just as important to your workout as steroid pills or protein – even lifting. So make sure you do plenty of it.

You Can Get Just as Fit at Home.

Sure, there are plenty of guys at the gym who are pretty dang huge but the truth is that a lot of lifters train at home. Training at home when you know good form and use safety precautions can actually maximize your gains because you have constant access to what you need, no wait times and no prying eyes to make you self conscious of how you look when you are lifting. While some people find the gym motivating, if you do not, you can still get ripped at home. Invest in a good quality bench, barbell set, bar cushion and buy steroids legally online in a milder form that works with your natural chemistry. These things can add up to big results.

You Are What You Eat.

After a workout, you should be consuming proteins and carbs. The sweet spot is usually immediately after a workout but if you feel sick afterwards, you can really shoot for 1 to 2 hours and be totally fine. Some experts say that as long as you are getting plenty of protein throughout the day that eating right after working out is not necessary. Still, because most people find eating sometime soon after works for them, many do try to eat as soon as possible. If you do not feel hungry, you can try a shake instead. Some people even like protein pills which make it easier for them to feel like they are achieving diet goals without constantly sucking down grilled chicken and brown rice – the two most preferred foods of workout gurus.

From knowing how well steroid pills work to knowing exactly when to go hard and take it easy, serious lifters are like the Yodas of the fitness world. So on that note – Lift more you will, hmm?

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