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Warren Hyperbaric Center Receives UHMS Accreditation- First in Lehigh Valley Area

March 28, 2012

The Wound Healing & Hyperbaric Treatment Center at St. Luke’s Warren Campus has received a full accreditation for its hyperbaric oxygen services from the prestigious UHMS, the Undersea & Hyperbaric Medical Society.  There are over 800 hyperbaric facilities in the United States, but only 134 are currently accredited.

 The UHMS, which is comprised largely of scientists and medical professionals, conducts research and sets standards for applying hyperbaric oxygen in medical situations.  Accreditation is a rigorous process and St. Luke’s Warren is only the fifth hospital in New Jersey to have achieved it.  In the Lehigh Valley, no other hyperbaric facility holds this distinction.

 Hyperbaric therapy is very effective for certain wounds that won’t heal on their own, including diabetic ulcers, infected bone, radiation cystitis and proctitis and dental problems associated with radiation therapy.  Treatment involves placing patients in pressurized chambers where they breathe 100% pure, pressurized oxygen (as opposed to the 21% we normally inhale with each breath). 

 Commenting on the distinction, St. Luke’s Warren President Thomas H. Litz said, “UHMS accreditation means that we are recognized as a Center of Excellence for hyperbaric medicine and wound care.  It underscores our commitment to patient care and safety.”


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