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Recruitment FAQs for Applicants

How do I find out the status of my application?

Log onto your profile at Enter your user name and password. Results for each position that you applied for are listed in the section "Application Status". Please note that your application may be in the "Review" status for some time, as internal applicants who apply within the first seven days of the posting are given priority consideration.

What happens to my application when I click the "Submit" button?

Your application is sent electronically to the requisition. Should you meet the minimum requirements of the position, you will be asked to take the CARE assessment. You will be directed to the SHL/PreVisor website (our vendor for the assessment) to complete the assessment. Once the assessment has been completed, your application will be available for viewing by the Recruiter and Hiring Manager.

How can I be sure that you received my application?

You will receive an email notification from us that will indicate your application has been received. You will also see the position listed on your Profile, by checking Application Status.

Must I continually check the website for new positing?

You may set up email alerts, which will notify you when a position is posted  that you are qualified for. Email alerts are effective for three months.

Why did I not meet minimum qualifications for multiple openings?

Each posting has specific qualifications. If those qualifications are not met, you will receive notice by email that you did not meet the minimum qualifications for the particular position.

If I submit one application, will I be considered for multiple openings?

No, after you create your profile, you must "apply" to each specific opening that you are interested in. Each opening is tied to a particular job or requisition number and you must apply to that specific opening to receive full consideration. Go to the heading "Find Jobs" to see which positions are available. You may search by "Position Type", "Location", "Entity", or "Job Number".

How can I increase the chance that I will be selected for a interview?

Make sure your profile is complete, up-to-date, truthful and free of errors. Be sure that you have listed at least two work-related supervisors as references. Apply only for jobs that you are qualified for, based on the job requirements.

How long will it be before I hear from someone?

We receive about 85,000 applications per year from both internal and external applicants. Sometimes it takes a few weeks to review and interview an potential internal applicants. It may be up to a month or longer before you see a change in your "Application Status" or get contacted by a recruiter. Your patience is appreciated.

Will I hear from someone either way?

Yes, you may continue to check the Application Status on your Profile.

How will I be contacted?

You may be contacted by either phone or email. Be sure to list cell and home phone numbers and an email address that is checked regularly so that we may get in touch with you.

May I call/e-mail the hiring manager myself?

You may call or email, by most times the Manager will direct you back to the Recruitment/HR, as all interviews are coordinated through this department.

May I mail, fax or email my resume to Human Resources?

Sorry, all of our applications are through our on-line recruitment system. Should you not have access to a computer at home, public libraries, CareerLink sites, and each St. Luke's HR office have computers available for you to apply online.

What if I don't have internet access?

Should you not have access to a computer at home, public libraries, CareerLink sites, and each St. Luke's HR office have computers available for you to apply online.

What if I don't have an e-mail address?

Email addresses are available at no charge from a wide variety of providers, including AOL, Yahoo, Gmail and others.

I can't complete my application: the computer stalls, doesn't accept my changes, etc.

Try using an internet browser other than Internet Explorer v. 7.0. Most times that will solve the problem. You may also want to make sure your pop-up blockers are off.

The information that I originally put on my application has changed. How do I update my profile?

Log into your profile.
Next to the section that you would like to edit, there is a blue type which says "click here to edit".
Click on this link and make the changes that you desire.
Be sure to hit the "save" button at the end of the section.
It is very important to make sure that the most up-to-date information is listed in your application. You will want to check this frequently.

Are the positions posted on the website open?

In most cases, yes. Sometimes when an offer is outstanding or an individual is in the reference process, the position will still show open. Generally, the status of the position is not changed to "Filled" until after the candidate has accepted and a start date has been established.

I noticed that there is a new application online. What changed?

As we grow, we continue to take a look at our process and materials and update them as necessary. There is now one application that both internal and external candidates will use in the application process.

What does "per diem" or "reserve" mean? I'm not familiar with this term.

"Per diem" and "reserve" are used interchangeably to describe an employment status. These terms are frequently used in healthcare. Per diem/reserve mean that there are no budgeted hours for the position; that you will be scheduled on an "as needed" basis. Some weeks this could mean that you will have forty hours, some weeks none, some weeks eight hours. Schedules var depending on the needs of the department.

I didn't take the online assessment right after I submitted an application. How long do I have to take the assessment?

You have seven days from the date of your application to complete the assessment. You will need to log-on to and enter the Session ID number that was given to you after you were transferred to this website.

I didn't write down the Session ID number and am I able to take the assessment?

You may contact SHL/PreVisor tech support at They will be able to reset your Session ID for you, if it is within seven days of completing your application.

I can't locate the link to the online assessment. How do I take the assessment?

The website is You may contact SHL/PreVisor tech support with any questions by emailing them at

I am getting a message that I need to take the online assessment, but I've already taken it. What do I do?

If you have taken the assessment and scored well, there is no need to re-take the assessment. You may ignore any emails or messages you receive. If you have taken the assessment and not scored well, you may retake it after 365 days have passed. You will receive a prompt to re-take the assessment after your next application following the 365 days.

It's been a year since I've taken the online assessment. Do I need to take it again?

If you have scored well on the assessment, there is no need to re-take it.

I can't complete the assessment: the computer stalls, won't let me finish, etc.

Make sure your pop-up blockers are off. Pop-up blockers interfere with the CARE assessment completion.

I have other questions regarding the CARE assessment.

Please see the FAQs for the CARE assessment on either the internet or intranet page.

What is the dress code for an interview?

The rule still exists that you should dress like you were interviewing for a position a level above the position you are actually interviewing for. Appropriate attire and professionalism make a strong first impression. Our dress codes says no jeans, visible tattoos or body piercing (other than earrings), so you should follow those guidelines when coming in for an interview.

How can I find out the salary for a position?

Salary ranges are discussed when scheduling an interview or at the interview. Our compensation package is very competitive in the community. You will want to make sure that you have indicated your current salary on your application and that the "desired salary" questions is completed.

I accidentally withdrew my application and now I cannon re-apply to that position. What should I do?

Email us by selecting the "Contact Us" tab (at the top of the website page) and selecting "HR". Explain your situation and the best way to reach you. Most re-applications must be re-set on our end.

If I want to contact St. Luke's to follow-up on my application, who do I contact?

You may send an email to the HR Department by selecting the "Contact Us" tab at the top of the website page. Please review the FAQs provided here to make sure your question hasn't been already answered. Please do not use this mailbox to submit resumes, updates to your application, etc. - it is only for inquiries.