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    • Tamaqua Patients Give Female OBGYN Warm Welcome

Tamaqua Patients Give Female OBGYN Warm Welcome

Tamaqua Patients Give Female Obstetrician/Gynecologist Warm Welcome


Jami Avellini, MD

Tamaqua, PA. (3/31/2014) -- Jami Avellini, MD, the first female obstetrician/gynecologist at the St. Luke’s Tamaqua Medical Center, has been delighted by the warm reception she has received. Accompanied by a medical assistant, Dr. Avellini travels one day a week to the center, located just across from the railroad station, since April 2013. She provides comprehensive obstetrical and gynecologic care from routine annual exams to minor surgical procedures to prenatal care.

“Many of my patients were quite excited to finally have the option of a female OB/GYN,” she said. “We have been very busy since the get-go.” Dr. Avellini’s colleague, Christopher B. Gilbert, MD, also sees patients at the center.

Expectant mothers from the Coaldale area can choose to receive quality obstetrical care through Lehighton Midwives, part of St. Luke’s University Health Network. The midwives, who also began offering services in April, are certified nurse midwives trained as both a nurse and a midwife. The main function of a midwife is to provide care to women during pregnancy, labor and delivery. However, midwives today attend births as well as offering many types of gynecologic care.

Dr. Avellini said she enjoys working in the Tamaqua center because of the friendly patients and staff, as well as the modern, clean and attractive accommodations. She also appreciates the availability of the center’s other services, such as X-ray and laboratory.

Building Manager Micah Gursky said the 7,600-square-foot center offers an array of outpatient and physician services. In addition ot the OB/GYNs, the community has access to other medical specialists at the center. These include orthopaedic surgeons and neurologists.

“We have received an overwhelmingly positive response,” Gursky said. “We have had a lot of compliments about the quality and friendliness of our staff.”

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