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    • Quality OB GYN Care in the Easton Community

Quality OB GYN Care in the Easton Community

Quality OB/GYN Care in the Easton Community: Holli M. Warholic, DO accepting patients at St. Luke's Anderson Campus

 Dr. Holli M. Warholic

Dr. Holli Warholic

Dr. Holli Warholic completed her obstetrics and gynecology residency at St. Luke’s University Hospital – Bethlehem Campus, where her daughter was born. Last July, she became the first physician to offer OB/GYN services at the Medical Office Building at St. Luke's Anderson Campus.

“I thoroughly enjoyed my residency experience at St. Luke’s,” Dr. Warholic says. She decided to stay in the area to live and work. “Having met as students at Lehigh University, my husband and I thought the Lehigh Valley had a lot to offer. We felt it would be a good place to raise a family.”

St. Luke's recruited Dr. Warholic to expand availability of its OB/GYN services in the Easton area. At the Anderson Campus, she provides comprehensive gynecologic and obstetrical care for women of all ages, including care of pubescent and adolescent women; minimally invasive surgeries; hormone replacement therapies and treatment of women with high-risk pregnancies.

Dr. Warholic met many of her current patients while she was a resident. “One of my patients had a long, painful labor and I was with her throughout the day,” Dr. Warholic said. “When she saw that I was in practice, she sought me out. Now, she is expecting her third child and I look forward to delivering the baby.”

Dr. Warholic tries to be present at all of her patients’ deliveries. She even schedules her vacations around her patients’ due dates. Knowing this will become increasingly more difficult as her practice grows; she is already cultivating interest in her practice among promising residents.

“Everything at St. Luke's Anderson Campus is new and was designed to be very functional,” says Dr. Warholic. “Our office is so easy to get to. We have great parking and it’s free. We even have valet parking, which is particularly nice for patients late in their pregnancies.” 

Values Patient Relationships

Although she appreciates the beautiful accommodations, Dr. Warholic most values the patient relationships that result from the continuity of care an OB/GYN practice provides.

“I like to see women through their pregnancies and then for years afterwards at their annual examinations,” she says. “During the follow up exams, I enjoy seeing the babies or pictures of the children.”

Patients do not always have happy outcomes, however. Some of her strongest relationships are with the patients she has supported through difficult times, such as infertility and miscarriages.

Dr. Warholic recalls one patient who she helped to become pregnant. “To see her go through her struggles and then become pregnant was incredibly rewarding,” she says. “It was just amazing to have the privilege of delivering the baby.”

Although Dr. Warholic feels every patient is special regardless of age or why she is being seen, she admits that delivering babies is perhaps the most rewarding aspect of her job. “The birth of a child is such a wonderful thing,” she says. “It’s a huge honor to be able to share in that experience.”


 Dr. Warholic is accepting new patients in Suite 403B in the Medical Office Building at St. Luke's Anderson Campus. To schedule an appointment, call 484-503-0628.

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