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    • Guests from Japan Explore First-of-its-Kind Hybrid OR in US

Guests from Japan Explore First-of-its-Kind Hybrid OR in US

St. Luke's University Hospital - Bethlehem Welcomes Guests from Japan to Explore First-of-its-Kind Operating Room in the United States

St. Luke's Welcomes Guests from Japan

Exploring the Hybrid OR with St. Luke's Carol McGee
are GE Healthcare's Nobuko Schlough and Koichi
Shibakusa; Dr. Junichi Sakata, Dr. Katsumi Ohhori and
Yoshiaki Futaki from Hokkaido Junkanki Hospital; and
Gregoire Avignon from GE Healthcare.

Bethlehem, PA (10/31/13) - Guests from Hokkaido, Japan traveled nearly 7,000 miles to explore a revolutionary medical technology at St. Luke's University Hospital-Bethlehem Thursday, October 31, 2013. Health care providers and administrators from St. Luke's welcomed guests from Hokkaido Junkanki Hospital, a cardiovascular hospital, to discuss the benefits and capabilities of the Discovery IGS 730 Hybrid OR from GE Healthcare and get a hands-on demonstration using the technology.

St. Luke's is Regional Leader in Advanced Medical Technologies

St. Luke's University Health Network is a show site for GE Healthcare and continues to be a regional leader in offering advanced medical technologies and innovations. In November 2012, St. Luke's became the first hospital in the United States to install the Discovery IGS 730 Hybrid OR. This interventional suite combines the advanced imaging world and the surgical world into the Operating Room. The system received FDA clearance in February 2012.

Guests included Katsumi Ohhori, MD, Chief Executive Officer; Junichi Sakata, MD, Chief, Cardiovascular Surgeon; and Yoshiaki Futaki, Chief, Radiographer and Medical Technology. Through an interpreter, the group discussed the benefits of the technology with Hal Folander, MD, Chairman of the Radiology Department and Section Chief of Interventional Radiology at St. Luke's University Health Network; vascular surgeons Timothy Oskin, MD and Jay Fisher, MD; Stephen Olenchock, DO, Section Chief, Cardiovascular Surgery, St. Luke's University Health Network; and Carol McGee, Supervisor of Interventional Radiology, St. Luke's University Health Network. St. Luke's physicians and health care providers contributed to the product development of the Discovery technology.

Mobile System has Enhanced Some of Most Complex Vascular and Cardiac Procedures

The physician guests then were invited to “test drive” the mobile system equipped with laser-guided navigation. “It's no surprise this technology has raised the interest of health care organizations both nationally and internationally,” says Dr. Folander. “As a show site for GE Healthcare, St. Luke's enjoys having opportunities to share medical innovations with other health care providers from around the globe. Our guests from Japan were able to experience firsthand how the system allows complete access to the patient and offers multiple parking possibilities, while helping maintain sterility for a flexible and secure OR environment. The system has truly enhanced how we do some of the most complex vascular and cardiac procedures at St. Luke's.”


Sue Ross
Director, Marketing & Public Relations
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