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    • Warren Hospital Receives Support

Warren Hospital Receives Support

Warren Hospital Receives Support of Partnership with St. Luke's from Office of Attorney General of New Jersey

Next Step: Warren Seeks Approval from NJ Superior Court

Robert Wax, SVP
General Counsel

Bethlehem, PA and Phillipsburg, NJ (12/8/2011) - Warren Hospital earlier today received a much anticipated letter from the Office of Attorney General of the State of New Jersey in support of the proposed transaction between Warren and St. Luke's Hospital & Health Network pursuant to the Community Health Care Assets Protection Act (CHAPA).

St. Luke's and Warren have been working closely with the Attorney General's office since April to provide the information required for the CHAPA review, which included participation in a very positive public hearing on October 13, 2011. The letter from the Attorney General's office is a critical and essential milestone in the CHAPA process, according to Robert Wax, Senior VP and General Counsel, St. Luke's Hospital & Health Network.

“Now that the Office of Attorney General has completed its review and issued its support for the proposed transaction, administrators at Warren will seek an order from the Chancery Division of the Superior Court of New Jersey approving the transaction,” said Wax.


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