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Student Health Fair

Temple Clinical Campus Medical Students from St. Luke's to Hold a Student Health Fair at Liberty High School

Focus on Issues Impacting Teens  

Temple/St. Luke's Medical Student
Charles Groomes, chats with students
about infections on 3/3/11 during a Health
Fair at Liberty High School in Bethlehem.

Bethlehem, PA (3/1/2011) - Third-year Temple University School of Medicine clinical campus students, performing clinical rotations at St. Luke's Hospital - Bethlehem Campus, are conducting a teen health fair at Liberty High School Thursday, March 3, from 8 am to 2 pm.

The Temple medical students will address 9th and 10th grade health classes and shed light on critical health topics of concern to today's teens. These forums include the dangers of smoking; drug/alcohol abuse; sexually-transmitted infections; cyber bullying; domestic violence; physical and sexual abuse; and eating disorders.

“I am really excited to be involved in a community project that has the potential to make a difference in a young person's life,” says medical student and program coordinator Natasha Foneska. “These topics address some of the very real dangers teens face today with the goal of helping them make healthy choices.”

The staff and students of Liberty High School are excited to have this opportunity, according to Kathy Halkins, RN, Liberty's school nurse and Department Chair, Health Services, Bethlehem Area School District. “Community support like this health fair offers our high school students a great learning experience and gives the medical students the opportunity to provide community outreach. It’s a win-win. We look forward to more opportunities like this.”

This project is especially gratifying for Foneska, who graduated from Liberty in 2004. “It wasn't that long ago we were in their shoes,” she says. “Hopefully, we can make an impact.”

Our Pleasure to Pay it Forward

Foneska is joined by several fellow participating third-year Temple medical students who share her enthusiasm. “St. Luke's and this community have been so good to us since our clinical campus experience started here,” says student Chase Groomes. “It's our pleasure to be able to pay it forward.”

Temple student Nicholas E. Tatalias agrees. “I think it's great to have the chance to talk to high-school students in a non-threatening way about issues that matter to their long-term health,” he says.

“It's so important for medical students to be involved in these types of meaningful activities so that they understand the pulse of the community and their pressing health care concerns and needs,” says Dr. Joel Rosenfeld, MD, FACS, MEd, Chief Academic Officer, St. Luke's Hospital & Health Network and Professor of Surgery and Senior Associate Dean, Temple University School of Medicine. “Outreach efforts certainly benefit the community, but also build the character, compassion and understanding so essential to becoming a good doctor.”

Temple medical students also participating in the Teen Health Fair are Andrew Goodbred, Andrew Auerbach, Rina Edi, Melissa Mao, Tino Tran, Ellen Tsai, Fazel Habibullah and Andrew Ward.

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