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How Hospice Makes a Difference

How Hospice Makes a Difference

  • The wife of a once vibrant 64-year old husband, with ALS – Lou Gehrig’s disease – is fiercely determined to care for him in his own surroundings.  Regular visits by hospice nurses and home health aides have allowed him to remain in his home and keep his wife from dissolving into exhaustion.
  • One Sunday afternoon, a family was invited to join in a community dinner, as they sat vigil in their mother’s room at the Hospice House.  The kitchen was full of delicious aromas and food.  The families ate together as though they had known each other forever.  They were, after all, on the same journey and were able to find comfort in that moment of sharing and breaking bread. 
  • An elderly hospice patient was panicked that he did not have a proper burial suit.  Hospice nurses began a search for a proper suit for him.  One was found and the nurse was able to show the patient.  He touched the fabric, smiled and drifted to sleep.  Within a few days, he passed peacefully knowing that even in death, he would be cared for.
  • After a long battle with cancer, Marci entered St. Luke’s Hospice House.  A family friend could not stop thinking about how much Marci loved her horse, Berri, and asked the staff if she could bring Berri to visit Marci.  The staff agreed and a few days later the horse trailer appeared at the hospice house.  Berri was led to the patio outside of Marci’s room.  Marci opened her eyes and with her mother’s help, lifted her hand to touch Berri and said goodbye.  Marci died peacefully later that day.

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