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Heart & Vascular

The St. Luke's Heart and Vascular Center team of cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, vascular surgeons, interventional radiologists and electrophysiologists are committed to providing the best diagnostic and treatment options available to ensure you and your loved ones have the best chance for a normal life should you develop coronary or vascular disease. St. Luke's is proud of having the lowest mortality rate in the region for heart disease and heart surgery.

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Cancer is a word no one wants to hear yet far too many of us do. All of us know someone who is dealing with cancer. In fact, the number of patients seeking cancer treatment at St. Luke's continues to increase each year. St. Luke's is passionate about its fight against cancer and is committed to becoming one of the region's most prominent leaders in cancer research, prevention, detection and treatment.

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As we age, our bones, joints and tissues wear down from injury and the constant strain of everyday life. Whether you have pain in your wrists from arthritis, numbness in your hands from carpel tunnel syndrome, extreme back pain from a herniated disc, or hip or knee pain from worn out joints, Orthopaedics at St. Luke's offers world class, comprehensive care for those looking to get back to normal, pain-free routines.

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Stroke, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's Disease and other disorders of the brain and nervous system require an interdisciplinary and collaborative “center” of health care professionals working together to provide the best possible care and outcomes for our patients.

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Childhood is a time for laughing, playing and enjoying life. Unfortunately, children do get sick or become injured and, on occasion, may need to be hospitalized. St. Luke's Women's and Children's Services cares for thousands of infants, toddlers, school age and older children every year – in our hospitals, in our clinics and in area schools. Pediatricians, specialists and outstanding nursing staff work together to make sure that no child, regardless of their economic circumstances, goes without appropriate health care.

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Every day, St. Luke's trauma team treats the most seriously ill or injured patients ranging from head injuries to broken bones to more severely injured accident victims. It is fast acting, efficient centers like St. Luke's that help to save thousands of lives every year.

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Founded in 1884 by Dr. William Estes, St. Luke's School of Nursing is the oldest, continuously operating diploma school of nursing in the United States. We have a proud, rich tradition of educating compassionate, caring, and competent professional nurses.

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Nursing is a dynamic profession. Advances in the treatment of diseases and new technologies are continually evolving. It is critical that our nurses are at the forefront of those changes so they can deliver care that will result in the best possible outcomes for our patients, who deserve nothing less. Continuing education for nurses is not an option; it is imperative.

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How can you donate an annual gift to St. Luke’s?

You can make your gift conveniently through our secure on-line web page or you can mail your check, payable to St. Luke's University Health Network, to:

St. Luke's University Health Network
Development Office
801 Ostrum Street
Bethlehem, PA 18015

For more information about St. Luke's annual giving program, please contact Carla Arbushites, St. Luke's Development Office by e-mail, or by phone at 484-526-4136.

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