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Reinventing Health Care at Anderson

Reinventing the Health Care Experience at St. Luke's Hospital - Anderson Campus 

Pete SeymourEaston, PA (5/3/2012) - In the last four months, Peter Seymour of Nazareth had reason to visit St. Luke's Emergency Department three times. Each time he was asked why he chose St. Luke's Hospital - Anderson Campus in Easton, PA. "My daughter-in-law insisted I ‘upgrade’ to St. Luke's because it's the best; word-of-mouth is the best advertising," he said. Seymour's first two visits were for minor emergencies but his most recent visit required that he be admitted. "All is fine thanks to the skilled Emergency Department team at St. Luke's," Seymour shares.

On February 20, 2012 Seymour started experiencing chest pain and a fast heart rate. Recalling his daughter-in-law's insistence, he went immediately to the Emergency Department at St. Luke's Hospital - Anderson Campus. According to his treating physician, Donald Jeanmonod, MD, "Mr. Seymour was in distress; he was complaining of chest pain and that his heart was beating fast. We hooked him up to a heart monitor and performed an EKG to verify his condition. We confirmed that he had supraventricular tachycardia (SVT) with chest pain." SVT is a general term that refers to any rapid heart rhythm originating above the ventricular tissue. According to Dr. Jeanmonod, "We treated him with an IV medication that brought his heart rate back to a normal rhythm. Mr. Seymour stabilized quickly."

Impressed by Professionalism and Caring Approach by Doctors and Staff

Seymour recalls, "From the moment I walked through the door there were no delays, just spontaneous execution on the part of nurses Avery Bryant and Rose Smith; they prepped me immediately and had Dr. Jeanmonod by my side in seconds. Diagnosis was ‘right on’; IV was administered and within seconds the pain subsided." He adds, "I always will remember their smiles, their true concern for me and my wife and the professional expertise that was evident in each of their actions. It was impressive." Following his treatment in the Emergency Department, Seymour was admitted to an inpatient suite to recuperate.

People Make the Difference

"Needless to say the facility is outstanding. The patient rooms were designed with patients and their families in mind. They are very comfortable and conducive to rehabilitation. But it's the people; that's the name of the game. Your team is the best. You only have one chance to make a first impression and you hit the nail on the head. Bravo!" Seymour says. Seymour was so impressed with the exceptional service and healing atmosphere that he decided to write a letter of appreciation to Darla Frack, Vice President of Patient Care Services at St. Luke's Hospital - Anderson Campus. Following are some of the highlights Seymour experienced at St. Luke's.

"Every person that came into the room that I was in always addressed me by name, always smiled and always introduced themselves."
"My primary care nurse, Sara, stayed past her shift to remove my IVs the day I was discharged from the hospital. I asked her why she stuck around and she said she thought it was better that she did it herself. Since she cared for me during my stay, she didn't want a "stranger" to remove my IVs before I went home."
"Rhondasue, patient care assistant, sensed when I was uncomfortable and held my hand—nothing like human contact to reduce anxiety levels. Jennifer from housekeeping epitomizes the axiom that "Cleanliness is Next to Godliness". Laurie from room service realized I wasn't finished eating my meal and said, "Oh no, don't rush. I'll be back."
"The physician bedside manner was very personable. Cardiologist Marcus Averbach, MD, is my new doctor from here on out. I really appreciated his willingness to take time to explain and educate me, which will help in my rehabilitation."

Seymour ends by saying, "I'm 68 years old. Over the years I've had a number of Emergency Department visits, hospital stays and major surgery. I believe I have a sound basis to form my opinions and evaluations. Please accept my comments as sincere and a result of much thought. I had a great experience at St. Luke's Hospital – Anderson Campus and I'll be back!

Seymour resides in Nazareth with his wife, Marie. They have two grown children and six grandchildren.

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