Cardiac CT

64-Slice Cardiac CT

What is it?

Cardiac computed technology (CT) is noninvasive imaging technology that provides detailed pictures in 3D of the heart and its surrounding blood vessels as the heart beats. The 64-slice CT scan has emerged as the leading tool over the last five years.

How does it work?

The 64-slice cardiac CT has a special x-ray tube on one side of the patient and detectors on the other side. The tube rotates quickly and the speed is important in the ability to freeze the heart which is a moving structure. It scans nearly as fast as the heart beats and allows a cardiologist to rotate, zoom and move through the heart’s anatomy.

Reasons for cardiac angiography

Doctors use these images to help diagnose coronary artery disease, heart blockages and risk of having a heart attack. The 3D images of the heart are so detailed that the heart disease can be detected at a very early stage.

What to Expect

The 64-slice cardiac scanning procedure is safe, fast and non-invasive. It takes about 30 minutes and no catheter, anesthesia or hospital admission is necessary. The patient will be given an IV with an iodine contrast and possible beta-blocker to slow the heart beat down slightly to get the most accurate images.

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