Services We Offer

Services We Offer

Heart Services

Atrial Fibrillation

Our expert team of cardiac electrophysiologists and cardiac surgeons specialize in treating atrial fibrillation and other heart rhythm disorders. We are pioneering the use of new technologies as well as more traditional treatments.

Cardiology Testing

Many diagnostic tests are available today to show if heart or vascular disease is present. These tests also show if a pre-existing condition is improving or declining.

Cardiology Procedures

Minimally invasive procedures facilitate the treatment of heart conditions.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac Rehabilitation is a medically supervised program to help heart patients recover quickly and improve their overall physical, mental and social functioning.

Chest Pain Center

Chest pain is the most common heart attack symptom, but it is important to call 911 if you have any symptoms associated with a heart attack so the accredited St. Luke's Chest Pain Center’s highly skilled medical team may be able to minimize the risks associated with a heart attack.

Electrophysiology Program

Electrophysiology studies (EPS) show how the heart reacts to controlled electrical signals by recording the electrical activity and electric pathways of the heart.

Heart Surgery

Thousands of heart surgeries are performed every day in the United States. Our heart surgery patient outcomes speak for themselves!

Heart Valve Surgery

Heart valve disease affects more than five million Americans yearly. The surgeons of the St. Luke's Heart Valve Center offer a comprehensive and collaborative approach to heart valve disease and a wide range of diagnostic and treatment options.

Women's Heart Center

Women have a one out of two chance of dying of heart disease or stroke and cardiovascular disease affects more women than men. Heart attacks are more severe for women, and women are more likely to die because they do not recognize or respond to the symptoms. Learn more about the Women's Heart Center at St. Luke's!

Clinical Trials and Research

Our patients gain access to promising new treatments and technologies before they are available to the general population. Our experienced team of physicians, researchers and research nurses work closely to incorporate research findings into the comprehensive care of our heart patients. The goal throughout is to improve patient outcomes and save more lives in the process.

Vascular Services

Vascular Screenings

Vascular screening exams can identify vascular disease before problems occur, helping to save lives and improve the quality of life.

Vascular Tests & Treatments

Learn about the many diagnostic tests, treatments and procedures for vascular disease.

Also, see the listing of the Vascular Laboratories available in our area.