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Our Medical Staff

Our Medical Staff

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Your admitting physician supervises your care, and, if necessary, works with physicians in other specialties. Your physician will order your diet, prescriptions, laboratory tests and medications.

  • Hospitalist Physicians
    Hospitalists are physicians who are trained to manage the care of patients in the hospital. They are often specially trained in issues that affect inpatients such as pain management, antibiotic resistance and patient safety. Many family doctors and internists use hospitalists to care for their patients while they are in the hospital. At St. Luke's Warren Hospital, our hospitalists are all board-certified in internal medicine. They are in the hospital providing care at all times.
  • Resident Physicians
    St. Luke's Warren Hospital is a teaching hospital with resident physicians who provide an added dimension to your care while taking advanced training in the specialty branch of family medicine. These physicians, all highly-skilled medical school graduates, are available around the clock to assist our physicians with providing the best possible care of our patients. Resident doctors work under the supervision of faculty members in conjunction with your personal physician.

Nursing Staff

Your care and comfort are the continuing concern of our staff of nurses and assistants who have been chosen on the basis of their education, knowledge and efficiency. Registered nurses have formal and ongoing training that assures a high level of professional care. The registered nursing staff of your unit also includes a clinical coordinator, who is responsible for the clinical and administrative management of the area. Our nursing assistants are specially trained to perform a variety of bedside duties.

The Collaborative Assessment Team

St. Luke's Warren Hospital has a Collaborative Assessment Team comprised of specially trained medical personnel to come to the patient's bedside in an emergency and help the primary caregivers manage the situation. Although we hope that you or your loved one never need these services, you can rest assured that the Team is another way we are partnering with patients and families to provide the highest quality, safest care possible.

If you have a concern about your own or your loved one's medical condition, please notify your nurse. If you feel the nurse has not properly addressed your concern, please dial “0” for the Operator and ask for the Nursing Supervisor.

A Word About the Physicians at St. Luke's Warren Hospital

The physicians who participate in your care, such as emergency room physicians, radiologists, anesthesiologists, pathologists, hospitalists, and other members of the medical staff, are private practitioners, and not employees or agents of St. Luke's Warren Hospital.

The physicians who practice at St. Luke's Warren Hospital must meet certain educational and experience requirements, and must be licensed to practice in the State of New Jersey. However, St. Luke's Warren is not responsible for the specific care provided to you by your physician. If you have questions about your physicians' relationship with St. Luke's Warren, wish to change your physician, or have concerns about a particular physician assisting with your care, please speak to your nurse.

St. Luke's Warren cannot guarantee that all physicians on the medical staff participate with all insurance plans. Your physicians' bills will be separate from your St. Luke's Warren Hospital bill. Please contact your insurance company to find out if these physicians are covered by your insurance plan. If you have questions regarding a physician bill, please contact that physician's billing office. If you have questions about your hospital bill, please call the hospital's Patient Accounting Department at 908-859-6761.

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